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prof. dr. P. Delimatsis

Professor _ European and International Trade Law

Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Law and Economic Center (TILEC)


Panagiotis is Professor of European and International Trade Law and Director of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) at Tilburg University. In this capacity, he leads the research cluster 'Finance, Trade and Investment' within the TILEC Research Programme 2012-2017. His research focuses on regulatory issues in the service sector, in particular the effects of unduly burdensome domestic regulations on factor mobility. He also has a keen interest and regularly publishes in the institutional and substantive aspects of standardization, financial regulation and energy. Panagiotis has published extensively on international and European law issues in top refereed journals, including the European Journal of International law, the Journal of International Economic Law, the Common Market Law Review, the Journal of World Trade and the World Trade Review. His most recent research papers are available here.

He is the author of 'International Trade in Services and Domestic Regulations - Necessity, Transparency, and Regulatory Diversity' (International Economic Law Series, Oxford University Press, 2007). He also co-edited two collective volumes, the first on 'The Prospects of International Trade Regulation' (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and the second on 'Financial Services at the Crossroads - Implications for Supervision, Institutional Design and Trade' (Kluwer Law International, 2011).

Panagiotis welcomes PhD proposals relating to the WTO institutional and regulatory aspects, the interaction between the EU and the WTO, and the regulation of services industries particularly in relation to the EU internal market. Topics regarding the current reform of the financial sector and empirical work on institutional practices in international technical standard-setting (ISO and IEC in particular) are equally welcome.


Principal publications

  • Delimatsis, P. (2014), 'Transparency in the WTO Decision-Making', 27:3 Leiden Journal of International Law, pp. 701-726.
  • Delimatsis, P. (2013), 'Transparent Financial Innovation in a Post-Crisis Environment', 16:1 Journal of International Economic Law, pp. 159-210.
  • Delimatsis, P. (2012), 'Financial Innovation and Prudential Regulation: The New Basel III Rules', 46:6 Journal of World Trade, pp. 1309-1342.
  • Delimatsis, P. (2011), 'The Fragmentation of International Trade Law', 45:1 Journal of World Trade, pp. 87-116.
  • Delimatsis, P. (2010), '"Thou Shall Not... (Dis)Trust": Codes of Conduct and Harmonization of Professional Standards in the EU', 47:4 Common Market Law Review, pp. 1049-1087.

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Last amended: 09 December 2014