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dr. P.M.C. (Paula) Mommersteeg

Assistant Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Medical and Clinical Psychology


As a biologist at the CoRPS research group, I am involved in projects which investigate biological mediating mechanisms of personality in heart disease.
My research interests focuses on biological mechanisms involved in the psychology of health and disease. Differences between persons in biological functioning forms a basis for disease development, and disease progression.
These ingredients are present in the "TweeSteden mild stenosis cohort study" [TWiST], a research project on biochemical risk factors as potential mediators in the relation between Type D personality and cardiovascular disease progression at an early stage, in close collaboration with the Cardiology department of the TweeSteden Hospital, Tilburg.
At the same time, I keep an open mind for research opportunities and collaborations.
I enjoy working in a challenging, collaborative environment at the interface of biological and psychological research projects.


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Last amended: 17 April 2018