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prof. dr. R. Gerlagh

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics

Papers in progress

Carbon prices for the next thousand years, jointly with Matti Liski. CESifo Working Paper No. 3855.

Carbon prices for the next hundred years, jointly with Matti Liski, CESifo Working paper series 4671.

Generous sustainability. CESifo Working Paper series 5092

Cake eating with private information, jointly with Matti Liski. CESifo Working paper series 5050


The main research topics include climate economics, sustainability, exhaustible resources,  environmental policy and trade, technological change and costs of environmental policy. Gerlagh is also involved in academic policy discussions.

Research is both theoretical (formal), as empirical (econometric), as applied (simulations). Theory papers include studies on the exhaustible resource market (strategic resource dependence), and studies on the relation between the market for fossil fuels and climate change policy (the green paradox). Empirical research considers the effect of energy policy on the location of energy-intensive industries. An example of applied research calculates the cost reductions that can be reached through learning effects for renewable energy sources in climate change policy (here), and the effect of myopic preferences on credible climate targets.


Principal publications

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Last amended: 18 July 2016