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dr. S. Bekker

Associate professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department of Labour Law and Social Policy


Research interests: European coordination, EU economic governance; European labour market policies and social policies; Europe 2020; Dutch labour market developments; flexicurity; youth and exclusion; labour market segmentation and the position of vulnerable groups.


News items

Principal publications

  •   Bekker, S. (2017), Flexicurity in the European Semester: still a relevant policy concept?, Journal of European Public Policy, Pages 1-18, Published online: 21 Aug 2017.
  • Bekker, S. and Klosse, S. (2013), EU governance of economic and social policies: chances and challenges for Social Europe, European Journal of Social Law, 2(June), p. 103-120.
  •   Bekker, S. (2017), The European Semester Process: adaptability and latitude in support of the European Social Model,  in: 'A European Social Union after the Crisis'; Economic, legal, philosophical and political perspectives; Catherine Barnard, Frank Vandenbroucke, Geert De Baere (eds.), Cambridge University Press,  pp. 251-270.
  •   Bekker, S. (2017), Can European Socio-economic Governance be Social Investment Proof?, In: A. Hemerijck (Ed.), Oxford University Press, p. 310-318.
  • Hipp, L., Molitor, F., Leschke, J. & Bekker, S. 2017 Teilzeitväter - Deutschland, Schweden, Irland und die Niederlande im Vergleich, Zeitschrift für Familienforschung. 29, 1, p. 32-48.

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Last amended: 24 May 2018