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dr. T. (Tim) Reeskens

Associate Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences


Tim's main research interests regard a comparative analysis of social cohesion and social solidarity in Europe. His current research project aims at explaining attitudes towards welfare state performance. Previously, he has been involved in a comparative research into the relation between ethnic-cultural diversity, integration policies and social cohesion in Europe.


Principal publications

  • Reeskens, T., & van der Meer, T. (in press). The Inevitable Deservingness Gap. A Study into the Insurmountable Immigrant Penalty in Perceived Welfare Deservingness. Journal of European Social Policy [accepted for publication].
  • Reeskens, T., & Vandecasteele, L. (2017). Hard Times and European Youth: The Effect of Economic Insecurity on Human Values, Social Attitudes and Well-Being. International Journal of Psychology, 52(1), pp. 19-27.
  • Reeskens, T., & van Oorschot, W. (2015). Immigrants' Attitudes towards Welfare Redistribution. An Exploration of Role of Government Preferences among Immigrants and Native across 18 European Welfare States. European Sociological Review, 31(4), pp. 433-445.
  • Wright, M., & Reeskens, T. (2013). Of What Cloth Are the Ties that Bind? A Multilevel Analysis of the Relation between National Identity and Support for the Welfare State across 29 European Countries. Journal of European Public Policy, 20(10), pp. 1443-1463.
  • Reeskens, T., & van Oorschot, W. (2012). Disentangling the 'New Liberal Dilemma': On the Relation between General Welfare Redistribution Preferences and Welfare Chauvinism. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 53(2), pp. 120-139.

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Last amended: 18 December 2017