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prof. dr. W.J.C. (Wim) Weren


Tilburg School of Humanities
Department of Culture Studies


My research primarily concerns the application of new methods on New Testament texts. I prefer literary and intertextual approaches. Further, I am exploring the many ways in which biblical texts and concepts play a part in modern Western culture (e.g., novels and poems, plastic arts, painting, music, movies).


Principal publications

  • Weren, W.J.C. (1999). Windows on Jesus. Methods in gospel exegesis. London (ook: Pennsylvania): SCM Press (ook: Trinity Press International), 300 pp. Also published in Dutch (1998, reprint 2008), Italian (2001) en Spanish (2003).
  • Weren, W.J.C. (1993). Intertextualiteit en Bijbel, Kampen: Uitgeverij Kok, 1993, 262 pp., ISBN 90-242-74516.
  • Weren, W.J.C. (2006). The Macrostructure of Matthew's Gospel: A New Proposal. Biblica, 87(2), 171-200.
  • Weren, W.J.C. (1998). The Use of Isaiah 5,1-7 in the Parable of the Tenants (Mark 12,1-12; Matthew 21,33-46), in: Biblica 79 (1998) 1-26
  • Weren, W.J.C. (2008). The Ideal Community according to Matthew, James, and the Didache, in: H. van der Sandt & J. Zangenberg (eds.), Matthew, James, and Didache. Threee Related Documents in Their Jewish and Christian Settings (Society of Biblical Literature Symposium Series, 45), Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2008, pp. 177-200.

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Last amended: 14 March 2015