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prof. dr. X.Y.F. Martin

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management


Xavier Martin is Professor of Strategy, International Business and Innovation at Tilburg University. He researches and teaches strategies for corporate expansion, with emphasis on international entry; alliances and corporate development activities; innovation and technology strategy; knowledge creation and transfer; and corporate and relationship performance.


Principal publications

  • Ghosh, Anindya, Martin, Xavier, Pennings, Johannes M., & Wezel, Filippo C. 2014 Ambition is nothing without focus: Compensating for negative transfer of experience in R&D. Organization Science, 25 (2): 572-590. Further information and library access
  • Martin, Xavier. 2013. Solving theoretical and empirical conundrums in international strategy research: Linking foreign entry mode choices and performance. Journal of International Business Studies, 44 (1): 28-41. Further information and library access
  • Cuypers, Ilya R. P., & Martin, Xavier. 2010. What makes and what does not make a real option? A study of equity shares in international joint ventures. Journal of International Business Studies, 41 (1): 47-69. Further information and library access
  • Krishnan, Rekha, Martin, Xavier, & Noorderhaven, Niels. 2006. When does trust matter to alliance performance? Academy of Management Journal, 49 (5): 894-917. Further information and library access
  • Kotabe, Masaaki, Martin, Xavier, & Domoto, Hiroshi. 2003. Gaining from vertical partnerships: Knowledge transfer, relationship duration and supplier performance improvement in the U.S. and Japanese automotive industries. Strategic Management Journal, 24 (4): 293-316. Further information and library access

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Last amended: 17 September 2015