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dr. Z. He

Assistant Professor  

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management


Hosting the Chinese Patent Data Project site (


Principal publications

  • Blettner D, He ZL, Hu S, Bettis R (2014) From homogeneity to heterogeneity: A study of experience-based learning in adaptive aspirations. Forthcoming in Strategic Management Journal.
  • He ZL (2009) International collaboration does not have greater epistemic authority. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 60(10): 2151-2164.
  • He ZL, Geng XS, Campbell-Hunt C (2009). Research collaboration and research output: A longitudina l study of 65 biomedical scientists in a New Zealand university. Research Policy, 38(2), 306-317.
  • He ZL, Lim K, Wong PK (2006) Entry and competitive dynamics in the mobile telecommunications market. Research Policy, 35(8): 1147-1165.
  • He ZL, Wong PK (2004) Exploration vs. exploitation: An empirical test of the ambidexterity hypothesis. Organization Science, 15(4): 481-494. (citations: >380 in the Web of Science, >1200 in Google Scholar)

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Last amended: 16 October 2014