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Your photograph B.C.J. (Bastiaan (Kees)) Zoeteman


Tilburg School of Economics and Management


Prof.dr. Zoeteman is active since 2005 at Tilburg School of Economics and Management and Telos, Academic  Centre for Sustainable Development. He was chairman of the Globus Institute from 2001-2004. In addition to research in the area of globalisation and sustainable development he is active for Telos in promoting sustainable development in the context of businesses and local as well as national government. He studies conditions favouring a succesful transition towards sustainability. The chair was co-financed from 2010 - 2015 by Triodos Bank Foundation. Recent work focusses on national and european monitoring of sustainable municipalities and social housing associations and on supporting banks when issueing green bonds and improving the sustainability performance of lending portfolio's. Since 2018 he is member of the Board of Commissioners of BNG Bank Sustainability Fund.    


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Last amended: 17 May 2018