Lustrum 95 jaar epic

95 Minutes of Music: DJ Coenio & Veul Gère

Date: Time: 16:30 Location: Grand Café Esplanade

Fancy some good parties? Well, you’re in for a surprise! As part of our university's anniversary year, we are throwing five exciting parties for students and staff at Grand Café Esplanade. From October to February, we will celebrate our 95th anniversary with some big names. The parties start at the end of the afternoon and last 95 minutes each time. Admission is free but get there on time because places are limited!

These last 95 Minutes of Music will be provided by DJ Coenio and Veul Gère! It will be a performance with a carnivalesque touch that is perfectly suited to the time of year. On January 20, they brought the house down in Poppodium 013. The true Kruiken of Veul Gère know better than anyone how to entertain an audience with their well-known hits like De Gròzzie van Mèn Buurvrouw, Solo! and Un Lekker Delleke. On February 16, they will do it all over again but now on our campus. You don’t want to miss it!

This event is also the annual activity of CV de Wèèsneuze, the carnival society of Tilburg University.


dj coenio
veul gere

CV de Wèèsneuze

This 95 minutes edition is a collaboration with CV de Wèèsneuze, Tilburg University's carnival society. Members of CV de Wèèsneuze receive a free drink. Interested in becoming a member? Check out the  CV de Wèèsneuze website.

CV de Wèèsneuze