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Theme 6: Good education practice

Integrity in education is necessary so that we can all rely on the value of a diploma. That means that fraud and plagiarism are out of the question. In order to prevent this, further rules have been laid down in the Education and Examination Regulations or other School regulations.

On this site you will find the Code of Conduct in brief. The full text in the PDF is leading at all times.

Our 6 ground rules for good education practice

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    You do not cheat

    You do not cheat and do not give others the opportunity to cheat.

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    You do not use any unauthorized aids during examinations

    You do not use any aids in examinations, unless otherwise indicated in the regulations for written examinations or in the reader for the examination, or for students with a provision otherwise specified by the Examination Board in the decision to grant an examination facility.

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    Possession of examination questions/answer

    You may not possess any assignments prior to the examination

    You may not possess any examination assignments or their answer keys prior to the date and time of that examination.

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    Attendance list

    You always sign the attendance list yourself
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    Own work and plagiarism

    You do assignments, papers and theses yourself

    You do assignments and write papers and theses yourself. You do not allow others to do assignments or write papers and theses (commercially or otherwise) and pretend that this is your own work.  You can seek help to improve your texts or translation if you inform your supervisor about this.

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    Standards for good education

    Lecturers meet the standards for high-quality education

    As a lecturer, you meet the standards for high-quality education during the various phases of education and assessment. As a manager or administrator, you ensure that the education, including assessment, meets the standards for high-quality education. You abstain from any action that incites you not to comply with these standards. You raise the issue of non-compliance with these standards of high-quality education by others. 

Further details and guidelines  

What if things go wrong?

You suspect fraud or plagiarism by a student.

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