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Integrity coordinator

The integrity coordinator supervises and implements the integrity policy and functions as a point of contact.

The tasks of the integrity coordinator are

  • monitoring the implementation of the integrity policy;
  • acting as a central information point and guardian of the coherence and completeness of regulations, research, and enforcement;
  • serving as a contact point for reports on integrity violations (with the exception of undesirable behavior and scientific integrity and the situations to which the Whistleblower Regulations apply);
  • coordinating and investigating reports on integrity violations on behalf of the Executive Board.

The integrity coordinator can also refer to one of the other officials such as confidential advisors, deans of students, or student psychologists. The integrity coordinator reports directly to the President of the Executive Board and also has access to the chair of the Audit Committee and/or the Board of Governors. More information can be found here.

Violations of integrity occur in the case of:

  • conflicts of interest;
  • manipulation or misuse of information (with the exception of scientific integrity);
  • abuse of power or position;
  • incompatible positions/activities;
  • crimes such as theft, embezzlement, fraud, or corruption;
  • abuse of university property.

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