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Theme 3: Use of company assets

Tilburg University strives to spend as much money as possible on education and research. Company assets are in most cases financed with public money. Allowing colleagues, fellow students, and guests to use company assets as well should be handled carefully, efficiently, lawfully, and transparently. Therefore, lending out company assets is not supposed to happen.

Company assets are all resources and facilities that Tilburg University makes available for work, promotion, or studies. These include offices, lecture halls, furniture, office supplies, and equipment (software and hardware) but also your Tilburg University card or Tilburg University e-mail address.

On this site you will find the Code of Conduct in brief. The full text in the PDF is leading at all times.

Our 4 ground rules for the use of company assets

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    You act correctly and carefully

    When using the Tilburg University buildings, grounds, and facilities, you should behave in such a way that you do not

    • cause direct or indirect damage to the university and/or third parties or cause nuisance;
    • infringe on rights of the university or third party;
    • act in violation of statutory regulations or regulations in force at Tilburg University. This includes unwritten social rights.
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    Restrict private use

    Only use the company’s assets for work or studies.

    You do not use the company’s assets for any other purpose than to carry out your work or studies.

    • You only use rooms for work/studies or activities on behalf of the university.
    • You may use a computer, telephone, or other device provided by the university for limited private purposes, as long as this does not interfere with your own work or the work of others, and as long as it does not cause offence to others.
    • The use of company assets is personal and you may not give or lend them to others.
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    Legal and ethical use

    You do not view, download, or distribute illegal content

    You do not download illegal software. You are not allowed to view, download, or distribute pornographic, racist, discriminatory, insulting, offensive, or (sexually) harassing texts and images using company assets. The same applies to sending messages that can incite hatred and/or violence.

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    Declaring Expenses

    You claim expense lawful and efficient

    You only incur costs that are reasonable and necessary for the proper performance of your position (lawful and efficient). In addition, expense claims must comply with the guidelines for declaring expenses:


Further details and guidelines

What if things go wrong?

You have or have a suspicion of negligent use of facilities (buildings, grounds, infrastructure) by a fellow student or employee. This includes financial fraud and misuse of provisions.

In the roadmap you see where you can go. You don’t have to follow all the stops. If you prefer to skip a stop, you can, it’s especially important that you enter into discussion!

Where can you go?

  1. The person concerned
  2. Tutor, program coordinator, chair of the department or the Vice Dean or Dean
  3. Dean of Students or Program Coordinator 
  4. Integrety  Coordinator
  5. Whistleblower hotline
  1. The person concerned
  2. Manager
  3. Integrety  Coordinator
  4. Whistleblower hotline
PhD Candidate
  1. The person concerned
  2. Tutor
  3. Integrety  Coordinator
  4. Whistleblower hotline
  1. The person concerned
  2. Commissioning party
  3. Integrety  Coordinator
  4. Whistleblower hotline
Download the roadmap

Where you can go when, you will also find in the roadmap