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Confidential Advisors

The confidential advisors are available for everyone at Tilburg University and are the point of contact for staff, students and guests who experience unacceptable behavior, such as (sexual) harassment, bullying, or discrimination. Problems with the violation of scientific integrity can be submitted to the confidential advisor for scientific integrity.

The task of the confidential advisor is to make problems open for discussion (again) and thereby contribute to the solution of these problems. For the employee or student who is confronted with unacceptable behavior, the confidential advisor is the point of contact. You can also contact them in case of suspicion of malpractice. The task of the confidential advisor is to assist, inform, guide, and advise the employee or student about possibilities to put an end to the undesirable behavior. If necessary, the confidential advisor can advise and assist in any further steps to be taken. If necessary, the confidential advisor also supports and guides the employee or student in filing a complaint about the unacceptable behavior. Whatever approach is chosen, the confidential advisor will always act in consultation with and with the consent of the reporter.


The confidential advisors help reporters solve problems and conflicts. Meticulousness and confidentiality are key words in the way the confidential advisor works. The confidential advisors are therefore obliged to treat all information confidentially. A reporter must always give explicit permission before the confidential advisor can obtain information from other persons or institutions or take action in any other way.

Route in the event of a conflict in the workplace

Confidential advisors can only be the point of contact for employees who have a conflict regarding the work relationship when the regular channels have not led to a solution. The basic principle is that problems should first be solved via the supervisor and his or her manager, supported by the HR advisor. This means that the confidential advisor does not replace existing procedures.

Confidential Advisors

Confidential advisor is a role we perform in addition to our regular function. If you can't get in touch with us by phone, feel free to send us an email.
We will answer it within two business days (not including weekends and holidays).
The confidential advisors are not emergency responders for urgent (emergency) situations. For urgent (emergency) situations, please refer to the contact information on the following page: Emergency Assistance.

Confidential Advisor on Scientific Integrity

Tilburg University attaches great importance to solving and preventing violations of scientific integrity. Anyone who himself or herself experiences a problem with a violation of scientific integrity, or has a suspicion of such a violation on the part of others, can submit this to the independent confidential advisor on scientific integrity. Of course, confidentiality is guaranteed.

The confidential advisor on scientific integrity:

  • Acts as an easy accessible point of contact for questions and complaints about scientific integrity.
  • Tries, if the notifier wishes so, to mediate or otherwise resolve the complaint amicably.
  • Only acts with the reporter's consent.
  • Informs the reporter of the procedure for submitting a complaint to the Scientific Integrity Committee.

Willem van Genugten
Room: C 171
Phone: +31 (0)13 - 466 3160
E-mail: w.j.m.vangenugten@tilburguniversity.edu

In order to protect and guarantee scientific integrity in relation to academic activities, the Executive Board has adopted the Tilburg University Scientific Integrity Regulations. Within Tilburg University, the Scientific Integrity Committee deals with complaints. You can request a second opinion from the Netherlands Board for Scientific Integrity (LOWI), established by the KNAW, Universiteiten van Nederland and NWO. See also the LOWI regulations.