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Tips for studying safely

One of our most important responsibilities is keeping Tilburg University’s data safe and secure. The university does this by taking various measures. However, these measures alone are not sufficient. Tilburg University believes that information security is everyone’s responsibility. You need to be aware of your role in preventing and reducing cyber threats.

Caution! Important Tilburg University e-mails may end up in your spam box since the last update of Google Mail

Therefore check your spam box and change the settings of your spam filter as follows.

Be alert

Be on the alert for phishing mails
Beware of strange requests from a 'friend' (social engineering)

Tips for studying safely

Study in a secure environment
Share your information securely
Store your information securely
Create strong passwords and change them regularly
Only connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network
Do not use Internet Explorer

More practical tips

Lock your campus computer
Use a privacy screen
Use a webcam cover

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do for security measures?
Which apps can I download?
How do I report a data breach?

Stick to the rules for computer use

Tilburg University has four rules when using account