Be Your Own Hero

Be Your Own Hero

Published: 08th May 2023 Last updated: 27th June 2023

Online tools are extremely useful but they also carry a risk. Data is worth money and cybercriminals know that. Make sure you know how to protect yourself against these criminals: Be Your Own Hero... Think before you click!

Are you a target for hackers? Yes, you are. Please don't think 'It won't happen to me'. We are all at risk and the stakes are high. With social engineering, for example, hackers focus on the weakest link in information security: unsuspecting people. This makes attacks such as hacking, phishing, and ransomware more personal and lucrative.

With ‘Be Your Own Hero’, we emphasise the importance of being aware of your own (cyber) security risks and of taking your own measures to work safely. Nobody will do it for you: Be Your Own Hero!

How to be your own hero

Check out some tips on how to be your own hero:

  • Keep the software you use up to date.
  • Be on the alert for suspicious emails and phone calls: don't get hooked by phishers.
  • Lock your devices with a code or password.
  • Practice good password management. A password manager like Keeper can help you. Tip: Keeper is available for free for Tilburg University employees.
  • If you leave any devices unattended, lock their screens.
  • Only install programs and apps from trusted sources.
  • Install antivirus/antimalware protection.
  • Back up you data regularly.

And remember: Think before you click!