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Handling research data with care

Handling personal data in research with care

This information applies to all processing of personal data that takes place in the context of scientific research under the responsibility of Tilburg University and applies to anyone working under the responsibility of Tilburg University.

The GDPR also has a number of important implications for scientific research. By handling research data with carefrom the start, you no longer have to arrange matters at the end of the process. By establishing a processing basis and filling in a processing register, you have already thought about the necessity of the data, the type of data you need to collect and how you are going to collect, analyze and store it.

When using panel or public datasets, in some cases the GDPR does not apply, for example if the data is anonymous. This document helps determine whether the dataset falls within the scope of the GDPR.

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Three phases of scientific research

In scientific research, three phases are relevant with respect to personal data: The phases before, during and, after the study.

These three phases have their own aspects with regard to the protection of personal data that the researcher must take into account.