Interviews en observaties, experimenten in labs

Interviews, observations, and experiments in labs

Researchers often make reports of interviews and observations. In some studies, experiments with test subjects are done in labs. Sometimes special personal data is measured, for instance taking someone's blood pressure to see if they are experiencing any stress.

Include as a few directly traceable personal data as possible, such as names.

Informing respondents and asking fot their consebnt

Data subjects are clearly informed in advance, as a part of informed consent, about the purpose and manner of the academic study.

If prior information is not desirable because of the purpose of the study, the information provided for informed Consent may be of a general nature. For example, for research into ethnic discrimination.

However this information must be provided after the study has been completed as part of the debriefing.

Administrative handling

Occasionally, respondents or participants in labs are paid to participate in a survey.

In this case, personal data is processed for puprose of  payment and substantiation of the financial administration.

This constitutes processing of personal data. The process must therefore be recorded in the processing register by Finance & Control. The information does not need to be specified per study.

Interviews, observations,  and experiments in labs

If the academic research involvesn the case of interviews, and observations, it is important that recording and working them up complies with the guideline below.

  • Do not state any names or other traceable personal data when recording an interview, an observation or a lab result.

In connection with integrity guidelines, it is important that it is possible to use the data to check who participated in study. This can be done by pseudonymizing, in the form of a communication/connection file and the informed consent forms.

Please note taht additional security requirements apply to the processing of special personal data.