Medische screening

Medical screening (MRI/EEG/ECG...)

A number of scientific studies make use of medical screening such as MRI, EEG and ECG. The results constitute special personal data, to which the following guidelines apply.

Informing respondents and asking for their consent Data subjects are clearly informed in advance about the manner and purpose of the research by means of informed consent.
Medical screening (MRI/EEC/ECG...)

When medical data is used, special personal data is processed. This processing must comply with the guideline below:  

  • Do not mention any names or other traceable personal data when recording the MRI/ EEC or ECG.

In connection with integrity guidelines, however, it is important that the data can be used to verify who participated in the study.
This can be done by pseudonymizing, in the form of a communication/connection file and the informed consent forms.

Please note that when special personal data, additional are processed, additional security requirements apply.