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Handling research data with care

What are personal data and how do I process them carefully?

This guideline only applies if personal data are processed of academic research.


Personal data is any information that can identify a natural person or that can be traced back to that person now or in the future.

This definition of personal data is based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is very broadly formulated.

This can be either directly traceable personal data (such as name, email) or indirectly traceable personal data (for example, a car registration number or a combination of initials, postcode and house number).

What is the difference between pseudonymization and anonymization?

Careful processing of personal data

Respondents are used in much academic research. Tilburg University attaches great importance to the careful processing of personal data in the context of academic research, because misuse of data can cause considerable damage to respondents, employees, students, and Tilburg University itself. 

What is meant by the processing of personal data?
What is meant by data subject?
What are special personal data and how do they need to be processed?