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Handling research data with care

Who is responsible for the research data policy?

The principal researcher is responsible for compliance with the research data policy and must ensure that everyone who participates in the research under his or her responsibility (e.g., PhD researchers, student-assistants and students) complies with the data protection policy and data management regulations.

Different forms of responsibility

The researcher

The researcher, making use of the facilities offered by Tilburg University, is responsible for:

  • Complying with Tilburg University's Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, including the theme policy Research of the University and thus the GDPR  as well as the Research Data Management Regulation;
  • Responsible data management in accordance with the principles of the Research Data Management Regulation and the additional School's research data management policy;
  • Creating a data management plan preceding new research in accordance with the provisions of the School’s research data management policy;
  • Secure data storage during and after the research, for both raw and processed research data;
  • Observing Article 9 of the Research Data Management Regulation when research is conducted with or for third parties;
  • Ensuring that PhD candidates and students who perform work under his/her responsibility comply with the regulations and policies referred to above.
The Dean of a School

The dean is responsible for:

The Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for:

      Responsibilities (RASCI matrix) for academic research projects

      Read more in Appendix 2 of the thematic Research policy