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Careful handling of personal data and data

What apps may I download?

Don't download just any app, but pay close attention to what you download and how your data is handled.


  • Check the source. Do you know the developer and provider of the app?
  • Look at popularity. For example, if an app has been downloaded 150,000 times, chances are the app is safe and reliable. Be careful if the app has only been downloaded 15 times.
  • Read the app's terms and conditions to see what information and functionality you give the app access to.
  • Update regularly. Updates not only improve functionality, but also security.

Tools with campus licenses

Tilburg University has taken out campus licenses for various tools. Support is offered for these tools. Agreements have also been made with the suppliers about the way in which they process personal data and what security measures they have taken. These agreements have been laid down in a processing agreement

Go to the overview of software with campus licenses

Teaching tools

The Education Innovation Portal provides an overview of teaching tools that you can use as a Tilburg University lecturer to develop teaching materials or to use in classes. Tilburg University has taken out campus licences for many of these tools.

In addition, this overview also includes a selection of free educational tools. Manuals for these free tools can be found on the internet.

Free tools

For these tools Tilburg University has not made any agreements about privacy and security with the supplier. It is therefore not wise to simply store sensitive/personal data in these tools. If you still want to use such a tool, please be aware of what information you store in the tool.