Clean Desk

Clean desk, why?

A Clean Desk policy simply means that there is as little stuff on your desk as possible, only the things you require to do your job. In addition, this means that confidential information should not be left unattended on your desk, to prevent (among other things) theft and exposure.

Confidential documents or privacy-sensitive information form a business risk. We all need to protect this information, not only from malicious persons, but from anyone who is unauthorized to access it.

One of the security measures we must take is Clean Desk. Now that we from home more ofter, it may seem less important or relevant to leave your workplace tidy. However, the clean desk policy also applies at home, whereby desk of course means every workplace that you use (so even if you are working at the dinner table). At home, too, we are responsible for protecting our company information and must avoid leaving notes lying around, accidentally losing company information or people taking note of information when they are not authorized to do so. Think, for example, of your son using your notes as drawing paper and then taking them to school with him or the cleaning lady who lays the documents neatly in a pile in front of you and reads the minutes from the last meeting.