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Careful handling of personal data and data

Can I use my own computer or laptop for work?

Preferably work on a Tilburg University laptop or PC. They are equipped with various security features, such as an encrypted hard disk, an antivirus program, and an active firewall.

You have a Tilburg University laptop or PC, but you work on a personal device via Remote Desktop?

Then you have to take the following additional security measures yourself.

  • Virus scanner
    Protect your own device with a virus scanner and make sure that  it is automatically updated.

  • Access protection
    Arrange for adeq adequately secure access to computer and files (encryption, password, or other technology).

  • Up-to-date
    • Make sure all programs are fully up-to-date.
    • The latest software update does not only improve user-friendliness, but also remedies andy security vulnerabilities. Make sure your device and applications have the latest updates. Activate automatic updating if possible.
    • When doing so, take a good look at what is asked and don't automatically click on 'next' until it says 'finish'. Check all steps you agree to.

Need a new laptop and/or software?

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Clear desk and clear screen

  • Do not leave your laptop, smartphone or other device unattended.
    If you walk away from your workstation, even if it's only five minutes, make sure you lock your computer. This can be done using the Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Windows key+L.
  • Also make sure that you lock the room you are working in. Lock the door and any cabinets.
  • Stick a webcam cover over the webcam of your device.
  • If you are working with sensitive data, make sure no one can look over your shoulder. Use a privacy screen. This ensures that only you can see the information.