LIS – Multi-factor authentication with number matching

Multi-Factor Authentication with number matching

Published: 16th May 2023 Last updated: 17th May 2023

Since mid-May, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) login has been modified: number matching is now used to complete login.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires you as an online user to complete several steps to access an application. At Tilburg University, this means that, in addition to entering your password (something you know), you also verify your login in the Microsoft Authenticator App (something you have). Microsoft has modified the process of verifying your login in the Authenticator app, and as a university we endorse this modification because it improves security.

What will be different for me?

As number matching has been enabled for all Authenticator push notifications, approving your login in the Authenticator app is now slightly different. Instead of a notification in your Authenticator app to click ‘approve’, a two-digit code appears on the screen, and you will need to enter that code in your Authenticator app. By entering the code, you complete the login.

Multi-Factor Authentication met nummerkoppeling / number matching

Questions and more information

You can find more information and answers to frequently asked questions on the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) web page. If the information on this web page does not answer your question, please contact our colleagues of IT Support.