Multiple students working in the library

What can I, as a student, do for safety measures myself?

Many security measures have already been taken on a Tilburg University PC. On your own PC you have that responsibility.

Prevent your data or that of Tilburg University by taking security measures of your own, such as:

  • Make sure you protect your own equipment with a virus scanner and that the virus scanner automatically updates itself.
  • Make sure that all programs are completely up to date.

The latest version of the software is not only there to improve the ease of use, but also to fill a security breach. Make sure that your device and applications are equipped with the latest updates. If possible, activate automatic updating.

Take a good look at what is being asked and do not click carelessly on "next", "next", "next" until it says "finish". Check at all steps where you agree.

Lock your campus computer

Always lock the campus computer you’re working on when you leave your workstation, even if only for a very short while. That way no unauthorized users can go through it. You can lock your computer by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Windows key + L.

Use a privacy screen

One of the advantages of traveling by train or bus is that you can work on your laptop or tablet. But what if you need to process privacy-sensitive information you would really rather not have your fellow travelers see? Use a privacy screen. This monitor filter reduces side-angle visibility, making it much harder for others to see what’s on the screen.

Use a webcam cover

Hackers often use malware to try and access the webcam on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. And malware of this type often switches off the webcam LED lamp, so you can’t tell that the webcam has been hijacked. Use a webcam cover to keep others from prying.

Work with your own account

Work with your own account, which has a password, and do not share it with other users of your laptop or PC, such as your roommates. Other users may only use the guest account.

Preferably work with a fixed cable

Your connection is much more stable with a fixed Ethernet cable between your modem and PC than with WIFI. And for malicious people, internet traffic via WIFI is much easier to intercept.

Check whether your network connection is sufficiently secured

If necessary, switch to a VPN (virtual private network) connection. You use a VPN connection to access services and servers over the internet that are not freely accessible via the public internet. 

Encrypt your data

Encrypting your entire storage disk/device is recommended. For example, you can use Bitlocker. In addition to encrypting your storage disk / device, it is recommended to encrypt files with sensitive data separately. You do this with 7-Zip. Read the 7-Zip manual.

Stick to the rules for computer use

Tilburg University has equipped their students with a personal account. By using the facilities made available by Tilburg University, users must adhere to the following four rules explicitly:

  1. Giving details of your user name and password(s) to third parties. The original owner remains responsible at all times for any activity on the network in his/her name.
  2. Sending messages anonymously
  3. Performing activities on the network, that would seriously interfere with the use of that same network by others.
  4. Providing information on the network that is forbidden by the law.

Only when all users adhere to these rules and use the network in a responsible manner, is possible to safeguard the network for the entire university community.