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Secure your WiFi-network

Published: 24th September 2021 Last updated: 24th September 2021

With the implementation of hybrid working, we continue to work partly at home. At the network level, we can't provide the protection we normally do at home. It is important to secure your WiFi network, among other things. In this item you will read what you can do yourself to better secure your home network.

Choose a strong password

Secure your wireless network always with a strong password.

  • Change the default password for your WiFi and the Web interface and choose a strong password. This means you should not use for example your last name, zip code or date of birth.
  • Use the WPA2-AES encryption, because alternatives like WEP are not secure.

Change the name of your WiFi-network

The default name of your wireless network mostly consists of the router type of brand. Routers that are susceptible of hackers, stand out this way.

  • Change the name of your network without using traceable names like your last name, address or home number.

Install updates

Hackers can target connections on almost any device connected to WiFi if these devices do not receive updates.

  • Make sure all your devices are regularly updated.
  • Check at least once a year whether there is an update available from the manufacturer for your router.
  • When possible turn on automatic updating.

Use a guest network

A guest network is a WiFi-network that is strictly separated from your own network. In this way, your guests do have access to internet, but they cannot access your files and devices (like your printer).

  • If friends, family or neighbors want to use your WiFi, set up a guest network with a unique and strong password.
  • The security of smart devices is mostly insufficient. By connecting them only to your guest network, hackers who use these leaks in security cannot reach your own network as easily

Turn of settings

We advise you to turn off the following settings:

  • Remote access
    With remote access you can change your router setting from a different location. This way your router configuration is open for internet and others can easily give themselves access to your router and settings and change them.
  • WiFi Protected Setup
    WiFi Protected Setup is a method to easily connect devices to each other using WiFi. In many routers, this technique is not secured sufficiently and can therefore easily be breached. When you do need WPS (for example for connecting old devices without a screen, like an old printer) only turn it on temporarily.
  • Universal Plug and Play
    Universal Plug and Play helps you to connect devices without difficult configurations. This technique comes with many security risks, so hackers can easily access your devices via internet.
Public and non-secure WiFi network