How does Tilburg University handle your data?

How does Tilburg University handle your data?

Tilburg University attaches great importance to processing personal data with care. Processing personal data is necessary for education, research, and the supporting business processes.

Tilburg University complies with the  codes of conduct of Universiteiten van Nederland (Association of universities in the Netherlands), including the Code of conduct for using personal data in research.

In addition, a strategy for the protection of personal data has been adopted, the practical implementation which is set up in the  Privacy & Protection of Personal Data Policy and in specific thematic policies on the following subjects:

Tilburg University regularly aligns its policies and procedures with the opinions of personal data protection authorities, such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).

Further procedures and information for employees can be found on the ‘Privacy & Security' intranet page.