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Edubadges as digital proof of competencies

A development for the education of the future: accredited proof of achieved qualities in the form of Edubadges. A digital badge that can be shared online, e.g., on LinkedIn. The badge is accredited proof of skills mastered. It therefore does not only say something about knowledge, but also about character and skills. If you click on the badge, learning outcomes and the content details of the badge obtained are displayed.

With EDUiLAB, the Educational Innovation Lab, Tilburg University has been involved in the developments around edubadges, also referred to as microcredentials, in education for some time now and has collaborated in this context with SURF, a national collaborative organization for ICT in Dutch education and research. “SURF has developed an infrastructure whereby Dutch education institutions can issue edubadges. Worldwide, the Netherlands is one of the frontrunners with this national approach” (SURF, 2020). Tilburg University also took part and had the honor to present the first edubadges to students in 2020:

Tilburg University students embrace Edubadges (3:32 minutes)

Edubadges in education

The use of edubadges offers students the possibility to show proof of knowledge and skills during as well as outside a program. Edubadges will not replace existing diplomas and will not be used for accredited education any time soon.

Microcredentials and Edubadges

When it comes to making education more flexible, there is talk of microcredentials in addition to Edubadges. But what is the difference? "Microcredentials involve small, independently completed units of accredited education. An Edubadge can be awarded as a microcredential. But not all Edubadges are microcredentials. In fact, Edubadges can also be awarded for extra-curricular activities and non-formal education," (Surf).

Edubadges at Tilburg University

Edubadges are currently awarded at Tilburg University for extra-curricular and post-initial education. The Edubadges for post-initial education are offered by Luce.

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