EDU Inspire - Tjebbe Geldof

Transform your video into a real seminar

How do you make a seminar instructive, fun and interactive? Researcher and instructor Tjebbe Geldof discovered Edpuzzle, a tool with which he is able to give interactive web lectures, involve students and get hold of their progress. We asked Tjebbe how he experienced this.

“Immediately after the Netherlands went into an 'intelligent lockdown' and we were no longer able to give our lectures on campus, I started looking for an alternative that would remain closest to a real seminar. For me, interactivity is most characteristic of seminars; the possibility to ask students questions and (sometimes after waiting a while) get an answer from the audience. Of course this could have been done via Zoom, for example, but by now I had heard the stories of teachers who sat there, talking to black screens for an hour and a half, and I didn't like that. After all, it had to remain a bit of fun for me and my colleagues. 

Edpuzzle turned out to be a fantastic alternative. By providing pre-recorded lectures with questions that the students get to see while watching the video, we kept our students entertained. Moreover, we were able to see afterwards what the students had answered to our questions, which gave us a good idea of what went well and what went not so well."

We had to invest some time in it, but in the end we were able to offer our students seminars of a high level in these difficult times. And that's what the students thought: I have never received so many compliments from students!

Curious about Tjebbe's end result? Check here how he applied Edpuzzle in one of his web lectures:

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