Academisch Erfgoed- prof. De Moor - Protest Binnenhof

Prof. De Moor - Protest at the Binnenhof in 1986

History and academic heritage of Tilburg University

Academic heritage is a very diverse collection of archives, visual material, collections, devices, recorded stories, and more that relate to the history of Tilburg University.

For example, the university has a number of special book collections, objects related to research in the field of observation, professors' files, and an extensive administrative archive. Its heritage also includes medals, objects, photographs and relics of academic life, as well as an art collection, including several series of portraits, for example of all the Rectores magnifici since 1927.

The University Library not only preserves all publications by Tilburg scholars, but also the Brabant Collection, which deals with the history of this province. This collection contains medieval manuscripts, incunabula and preciosa, as well as maps, prints and drawings and a large collection of photographs and films.

History and academic heritage in the spotlight