an de Quay - college psychotechniek - 1932

“Pioniers met een ziel” - 50 jaar psychologie

Dr. Jan de Quay - college Psychotechniek

50 years psychology

In 2021, Psychology at Tilburg University will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We are proud of these five decades of successful education, inspired staff and students, and unique and groundbreaking research. We were the first to depart from the 'soft' image of psychology with experimental research with hard data. But always with an eye for the people behind it; pioneers with a soul. Unique research directions were developed such as cultural psychology, educational psychology, psychometrics and recently research on crying and emotions and economic psychology.

"Tilburg's best kept secret - pioneers with a soul" 

Due to its sheltered location 'in the green' and a modest attitude, psychology in Tilburg remained under the radar for a long time. Meanwhile, many ideas have found their way to other universities and hundreds of students know how to find our psychological studies. Research results are also increasingly finding their way into the public debate. On this page, we would like to give you a glimpse of Tilburg's best kept secret in the year 2021.  

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