Ad Louwinger

Untitled (1973, aluminum)
Faculty Club

Ad Louwinger – zonder titel (1973, aluminium)

Louwinger (1925-2006) was a sculptor who created a large body of work, mostly abstract sculptures. He studied at the art academy in Tilburg and the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Louwinger was inspired by nature, and the sculpture in the Faculty Club garden is a reminder of this. It is composed of six similar, organic forms, which, from the sides, have the contours of a tree. He was an admirer of Cubism, the art movement from the beginning of the 20th century that was inspired by African sculpture, which—from whatever culture—usually has a strongly abstract character.

After a period of wooden sculptures and portraits, Louwinger concentrated on abstract steel sculptures, many of which found a place in public spaces. The sculpture that has been in the Faculty Club's backyard since 2012 previously stood in the garden between Cobbenhagen and Koopmans Buildings. The origin of the statue is not entirely clear. It was possibly part of the municipal collection. That suspicion exists because Tilburg acquired two larger works by Louwinger in 1973, including one that was then known as “zes bolle spiegels” (six convex mirrors).

In Tilburg—his hometown—there are several works by Louwinger, including one near the swimming pool in the suburb De Reeshof.

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