Ivo van Leeuwen

Ivo van Leeuwen

Women in Academia (2021-2022, linocut)

The Women in Academia portraits are made by Tilburg-based artist Ivo van Leeuwen (1969) in the academic year 2021-2022. It is a series of powerful and expressive linocut portraits of the Philip Eijlander Diversity Fellows.

Ivo van Leeuwen is a graphic artist, painter, and illustrator, specializing in portraits and pictograms. His technique is the linocut, in which an image is cut out of a piece of linoleum. The linoleum is re-used leftover material from an educational institution; a great way to recycle material.

More about history and academic heritage

The Tilburg University academic heritage is a very diverse set of archives, visual materials, collections, devices, recorded stories, et cetera that relate to the history of the university.