Wim Doreleijers

Reflections (1985)

Kunst openbare ruimte - Wim Doreleijers

The work of Doreleijers (1949) has been described as a “growth sculpture.” A sculpture created within the area of tension between the artist's fascination with organic growth form of and his urge to “structure” those forms into rectangular patterns. The title Reflections is derived from the original location of the object, in 1985 in Wijk bij Duurstede. On that occasion, it was placed against the tower of Duurstede Castle, at the foot of which the immediately adjoining moat reflects the work of art: a reflective property that, incidentally, also emanates from the object itself.

The work has been on campus since 1986, after it was exhibited as part of the Kunstkermis (art fair), an art and cultural event organized annually from 1985 to 1988 by the Tilburgse Evenementenstichting (Tilburg Events Foundation (TEST)).

Doreleijers' work fits in well with the university's art collection, which contains several works on the relationship between nature and culture. In this case, according to the TEST organizers, the pre-existing title was a reason to exhibit the work on campus.

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