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Out now: a new Open Science Guide

Published: 15th May 2023 Last updated: 15th May 2023

by Daan Rutten

A new practical Open Science guide for early-career researchers is published by the Dutch consortium of University Libraries (UKB) and other partners. 

The guide is available completely ‘open access’ and was written by Open Access experts of various Dutch universities and research institutes, such as NWO and DANS. Daan Rutten, Head of Research Support of the Tilburg University Library, is also a co-writer of the Open Science guide. 

The practical guide is designed to accompany researchers from all disciplines on their way to Open Science. Every chapter provides help, tools, links and practices to implement immediately.

The Open Science: A Practical Guide for Early-Career Researchers can be found on the open research repository Zenodo, founded for the famous CERN project and named after Zenodotus, the first librarian of the Ancient Library of Alexandria and founder of what we now call ‘metadata’.