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Library & IT Services

Library and IT Services (LIS) is a partner in realizing institutional goals in the fields of research, education, and operational management, adopting the role of service provider and advisor. LIS is responsible for the physical and the digital library, the digital learning and working environment, the study environment, the IT infrastructure, including audio-visual facilities, and the collection on the cultural heritage of Brabant. LIS offers modern facilities in the field of information and communication technology and scientific information supply. Moreover, LIS offers modern services to support education and research.


The Division consists of five Offices:

  • The Library Office consists of the Collection Management and Research Support teams. Collection Management manages the physical and digital collections, from acquisition and cataloguing to lending and the managing of the depots on campus. Research Support acquires and provides scientific information, registers academic output (publications and research data) and makes it accessible. It also acts as the contact for Open Access and is the information point for copyright issues.
  • The Brabant Collection Office manages, on behalf of the Province of Noord-Brabant, a sizeable cultural heritage collection on the history and development of Brabant. Please check the Brabant Collection website for additional information.
  • Information Technology executes and support the technical and application management of IT and AV facilities for Tilburg University. It consists of the IT Support, Development, Application & Services Management, AV Support, Office Automation, Networks and Telephony, and UvT-CERT teams; the latter is a virtual team.
  • Project & Information Management’s key tasks include conducting and managing projects with a large IT component, process optimization and information management.
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    Managing Director and secretaries' office

    Managing Director

    Vromans, C.A.M.
    Name drs.ing. C.A.M. (Corno) Vromans
    Division Library and IT Services
    Management, Staff and Support
    Position Service Director
    Room G 225
    Phone +31 13 466 2142
    E-mail corno.vromans@tilburguniversity.edu

    Secretaries' office

    Kate, P.J.M. ten
    Name P.J.M. (Petra) ten Kate
    Division Facility Services
    Managementsup Services - Schools
    Position Secretary
    Room G 224
    Phone +31 13 466 2214
    E-mail p.j.m.tenkate@tilburguniversity.edu
    Looij, M. van
    Name M. (Mariette) van Looij
    Division Facility Services
    Managementsup Services - Schools
    Position Secretary
    Room G 222
    Phone +31 13 466 4873
    E-mail m.vanlooij@tilburguniversity.edu
    Reijven, M.A.C.
    Name M.A.C. (Marianne) Reijven
    Division Facility Services
    Managementsup Services - Schools
    Position Secretaresse
    Room L 221
    Phone +31 13 466 2553
    E-mail m.a.c.reijven@tilburguniversity.edu

    Strategic Plan LIS