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Active TiSEM: new fraction electable for Faculty Council

Active TiSEM is a new student party that is participating in the elections for the Faculty Council for the first time. The initiative comes from the Front Group that represents students in the University Council, but we are an independent party with our own programme', explains third-year student International Business Administration, Sjoerd van Bentum (22) of Active TiSEM.

We want to ensure healthy competition

Third-year business economics student and fellow candidate, Maud Rutten (21) adds: 'We want to ensure healthy competition. We now hear little about the Faculty Council and about what students achieve in it. Thanks to our arrival the council is already more visible and that's good, because all students at TiSEM need to know that they are being represented'.


The Faculty Council is a participation body. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research there. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, make adjustments to plans and make their own proposals. Active TiSEM is one of the two student groups participating in the elections. Maud: 'With two parties in the Faculty Council you can keep each other on our toes. We have four candidates on the list, while students are allowed to fill seven. We want to work together with the other party and we will do so from the point of view of the active student'. For her, membership of the council is an instructive addition to the committee work she did at, among other things, the introduction committee for freshmen. 

The perspective of the international student

Sjoerd is a member of rowing club Vidar and has been active within study association ASSET. He also wants to dedicate himself to students through the Faculty Council. I want to do something about the problems students encounter. I am also active and run into issues such as compulsory lectures. I've been on exchange to Colombia, so I also bring the perspective of the international student with me. During an exchange you develop yourself very quickly. Within my study programme, it is very common to go on an exchange; that should be the case within all the study programmes at TiSEM. I want to give everyone that opportunity.

Being active, making it easier and more attractive

Maud has been active in the student association of her study programme since her second year of study. She wants to make being active more attractive, also for first-year students. I didn't dare to become active in my first year, because I didn't know whether I would have time for that besides my studies. But it's possible; getting good grades and building your CV. I learned a lot from being active. Organizing something together with students is very instructive, for example in the field of communication'. They also see areas for improvement in the field of digitisation. Sjoerd: The development of online skills and computer skills are also part of digitisation. All TiSEM students are already allowed to do two language courses, but we also want to do the same for computer skills such as SPSS'. Maud states that being active becomes easier if you can study more flexibly. The optimisation and digitisation of education plays a major role in this. Lectures are recorded, but it would really help students if recordings were divided into chapters so that they know where the subject they find difficult is addressed'. In addition, she wants to work towards relaxing the mandatory attendance.

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    Sjoerd van Bentum

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    Maud Rutten

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