Stem op Active TiSEM bij de verkiezingen van 2021

Active TiSEM in the Faculty Council - 2021 elections

Active TiSEM's electoral list is filled with active students. Number 1, Julie Habets (21) is doing a board year with ASSET this academic year and number 2 Loes Obdeijn (21) is active with Vidar. She says, "I want to give the active student a voice in the Faculty Council and achieve more flexibility." Julie: "It is important for every student to do other activities next to their studies, because that way you get the most out of your study time."

Make the most of your time during your study

Faculty Council TiSEM is a participation body. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research in the council. Students and employees each have seven seats. They have voting rights, may modify the Board’s proposals and bring in their own proposals. Active TiSEM is one of the two parties participating in the elections for the Faculty Council TiSEM.

Collaboration Active fractions

Julie is studying International Business Administration, Loes is studying Fiscal Economics. The other study programs of TiSEM are also represented on the electoral list. Loes: "Number 3 on the election is someone who is active at Olof, and number 4 is an international student from Italy. We represent many different student groups." They explain why the four Active parties of Tilburg University work together. "In this way we have more and better ideas and we can give each other tips. Students from different faculties often run into the same problems." Loes: "Thanks to the Active parties, Canvas is adapted, clarified and set up the same for all faculties." Julie: "Searching for a link for an exam for fifteen minutes is then a thing of the past."

Promote the value of being active more

Active TiSEM promotes being active next to the study in, for example, a committee, voluntary work or side job. The party feels that the university and faculties could play a greater role in this. Julie: "Being active during your studies is important; employers see it as a plus when you apply for a job. The University should recognize and convey this more." She calls being active a good way to develop yourself. "Besides, it makes your study time fun," notes Loes. They are also committed to the interests of international students. Loes: "Group member Federica Vulcano indicated that many international students find it complicated to choose an insurance and the contact with banks is also not smooth. Therefore, we want to improve the existing buddy network and promote it better."

Continue to record lectures

The current group has built the party from the ground up. Julie: "We will continue to build up the party." The list consists of seventeen candidates: six members striving for a seat in the council and eleven list pushers. Loes: "Regardless of how many seats we win, the six of us will carry out our work in the council. We will regularly spar with the other eleven." The new group members want to work on making the faculty more flexible, among other things. Loes: "Mandatory lecture courses are very difficult for top athletes, for example. Yes, they have a top sports certificate so are allowed to miss mandatory lectures, but then they get too little information and miss important study material." One solution is to record lectures. "You can watch them when it suits you. Because of the pandemic, a lot of lectures are being recorded, surely that can continue?

Show that you support us

Loes and Julie have a large network at Vidar, ASSET and their social contacts. Julie: "My friends are an important source of input, they also know many students and so our contacts spread like an oil spill. I know directly and indirectly many groups from where I can get information." They hope for a high turnout. Julie: "Show that you are behind us!"

Candidates Active TiSEM

  • Julie Habets

    Julie Habets

  • Loes Obdeijn

    Loes Obdeijn

  • Floor Severijn

    Floor Severijn

  • Frederica Vulcano

    Frederica Vulcano

  • Tijmen van de Weide

    Tijmen van de Weide

  • Pleun Vliegen

    Pleun Vliegen