Active TiSEM 2022

Active TiSEM in the Faculty Council

Student Party Active TISEM stands for the facilitation and stimulation of being active next to your studies. This party is also in favor of hybrid education, of internships as part of the study program, and of a better connection between students of all nationalities by facilitating more contact opportunities. Ilja Bolwerk (22, Master's student Strategic Management) and Pauline Berghege (21, third year bachelor’s student Economics and Business Economics) are number 1 and 2 on the electoral list.

Keep recording lectures and more personal contact

In the Faculty Council, the Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, to adapt the plans of the Board, and to bring in their own proposals. Pauline: "As a fraction in the Faculty Council we focus on the active student who wants to do just a bit more than just studying, on digitalization in education, and on internationalization."

Meaning something for fellow students 

When Ilja was asked to apply for Active TiSEM, he didn't know what the Faculty Council did. 
"After some explanation, I was immediately excited. I am an active student, have a side job, internship, and am active in student association Plato. The combination of an instructive board year and doing something for fellow students really appeals to me." During an exchange in Barcelona, Pauline lived with a roommate who is currently in the council. "She convinced me to apply. I am already active outside my studies, at rowing association Vidar, in a sorority, and in committees. The council membership is an opportunity to be active study-related is and good for my personal development. It seems nice to have an impact and it is a good addition to my CV." Both have a large network.

Keep recording lectures 

Facilitating being active is also a task of the faculty. Ilja: "Mandatory lectures can limit being active. Our solution is to continue to record lectures and post them online with full slides. However, I also think it is important to keep personal contact with lecturers and fellow students." "That's why we're also committed to improving the connection students have with each other," Pauline adds. "First year students in particular have had little opportunity to get to know each other and the city. Some only know two or three fellow students while contact is good for your social development." The faculty can help with this by facilitating and organizing field trips, for example. Ilja: "Also the contact between Dutch and international students has to improve, this can also be improved by organizing contact moments at the beginning of each academic year." Pauline: "It is educational for all of us to learn something about other cultures."

Canvas can be even further improved

Active TiSEM has an electoral list with six students and nine list pushers. Pauline: "The current board did a great job in the last election by winning five seats." Ilja: "Also the students on the list who will not be in the council will stay involved by thinking along and retrieving information from their network." Current party members contributed to the Canvas memo, among other things. Ilja: "We are already seeing progress on Canvas, but there is room for improvement." They are happy to campaign on campus. Ilja: "Students easily overlook election emails, on campus we can address them directly and explain how Faculty Council works." Pauline concludes, "We think it is important to approach students personally, as individuals and not just as a group."   

Candidates Active TiSEM

  • Ilja Bolwerk

    Ilja Bolwerk

    Candidate #1
  • Pauline Berghege

    Pauline Berghege

    Candidate #2
  • Teun van den Eshof

    Teun van den Eshof

    Candidate #3
  • Federico Spiertz

    Federico Spiertz

    Candidate #4
  • Sam Kruis

    Sam Kruis

    Candidate #5
  • Eline van Hoof

    Eline van Hoof

    Candidate #6
  • Sara Darwinkel

    Sara Darwinkel

    Candidate #7
  • Manon Janssen

    Manon Janssen

    Candidate #8
  • Hidde Kok

    Hidde Kok

    Candidate #9
  • Federica Vulcano

    Federica Vulcano

    Candidate #10
  • Myrthe van Slooten

    Myrthe van Slooten

    Candidate #11
  • Julia Urselmann

    Julia Urselmann

    Candidate #12
  • Lucca van Sint Fiet

    Lucca van Sint Fiet

    Candidate #13
  • Manon van Heijst

    Manon van Heijst

    Candidate #14
  • Julie Habets

    Julie Habets

    Candidate #15