Active TiSEM 2023

Active TiSEM in the Faculty Council

Recording lectures, improving Canvas, and fewer attendance requirements. These are some of the issues the new parety members of Active TiSEM will also work for in the School Council. Lotte Geertsema (19): “Students now often miss deadlines because of the lack of clarity on Canvas.” David Beijer (22): “Of course students should be alert, for example, if they missed a lecture, but the School should also facilitate the retrieval of information well.”

Fewer mandatory lectures, more flexibility

In the School Council, the School Board presents its plans for education and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, modify the Board’s plans, and introduce their own proposals.

For the active student

Party leader David is completing the Bachelor's in Economics and Business Economics this year and will start the Master's in Finance after the summer. Lotte, number 2 on the list, is following the Bachelor’s programs in Global Law and International Business Administration. Active TiSEM is committed to the active student.

Lotte: "The university offers many extra-curricular activities to enrich your time as a student, but the information about this could be better. Information about going on exchange, for example, is scattered across different platforms.” David: “And if you want to go on an exchange, a number of international universities require a certain average grade. You have to start working on that as a first year student.

Information about board years can also be handed out during PASS mentor classes. I am a PASS mentor this year, and we certainly have room for this in our contact hours with students.”  

Facilitate and encourage

Lotte is active in student rowing association Vidar and started a second Bachelor's degree this semester. “I regularly have two mandatory lectures at the same time. Who can help me find a solution for that? I have no idea, I can't find any information about it. The School could improve in facilitating and encouraging these kinds of study pathways, as well as board years or top-level sports. Because with this, the university delivers students who are more all-round.”

David did a board year at Vidar and is now doing an internship. “I have a lot of mandatory lectures and that sometimes conflicts with my internship. Recorded lectures and a less strict attendance requirement would give me and many other students much more flexibility.” He emphasizes that Active TiSEM does encourage students to come to campus. “Because physically attending lectures contributes to social contacts and to your education.” Lotte: “We advise the School to upload the lectures on Canvas two weeks prior to the exams so that all students have the opportunity to prepare for the exams. By doing so, we encourage students to be on campus for most of the semester. “

Good picture of students' wishes

The two are looking forward to the elections and being Council members. Lotte: "I consider it valuable to be able to represent the student voice.” David: “I will engage in a lot of conversation and debate with students so that I can represent them as well as possible. I also run into issues myself that could really be improved. So I have a good idea of the students’ wishes and hopefully soon the opportunity to discuss them with the staff and administrators in the School Council.”

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Candidates Active TiSEM

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    David Beijer

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