Active TLS verkiezingen 2021

Active TLS in the Faculty Council - 2021 elections

Fran Lebegge (22) and Tessa Straetemans (21) of student party Active TLS think that Tilburg Law School should stimulate more activities during and next to the study itself. "Taking courses abroad is a nice addition to your studies. TLS can promote this more in our view ", gives Fran as an example. Tessa adds: "Our group is also committed to international students. For them, recording lectures is a good addition. This gives them more flexibility to, for example, travel to family without missing lectures." "And also the active student benefits," Fran states.

"Internships without study delay"

On the Active TLS electoral list, all fields of study of the faculty are represented. Fran and Tessa study Dutch Law, Tessa also takes some courses in Business Law. Active TLS is one of the two student parties participating in the elections for the Faculty Council. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research there. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, to adjust plans of the board and to bring in their own proposals.

Collaboration with Actives

Under the name Active, student groups are active on four faculties. They are all active as individual parties, but sometimes there are problems that occur on all faculties simultaneously and then they can help each other. Tessa: "As groups we learn from each other and we think that faculties should want to learn from each other. Active TLS can learn something from what has already been taken care of in a pleasant way within TiSEM or TSHD, for example." 

Internship without study delay

The focus of Active TLS is on the active student. Fran: "You can be active in different ways; in a committee, taking courses abroad, an internship. As a group we include the opinions of all types of active students in our plans." Tessa: "One of the points in our election plan is internships. In many studies doing an intership leads to study delay. We want to get rid of this, because internships give better opportunities on the labor market and therefore belong in every study."

Contributing to solutions

Fran and Tessa have both been at Tilburg University for a number of years. Fran: "I speak to many different students and hear many complaints. In the Faculty Council I want to contribute to solutions. This seems like a special task." Tessa: "It's not just about big problems. There are many small things that can be solved easily, for example a uniform online environment or clear, accessible communication between students and professors. I want to make the time students spend at our university even more pleasant and easier than it is already." She is motivated and looks forward to entering into discussions with the administration together with her group and the other students on the council. "If I think about something, I bite into it. I don't shy away from discussion." Fran also likes to stand up for her opinions. "I want to make the voice of the students of TLS heard loud and clear. For example, we are in favor of live streaming lectures if they are going to be physical again. For students who can't handle stimuli well, an abrupt transition from online to physical education can be difficult." They are hoping for a high turnout and are doing everything they can until the elections to reach as many students as possible. Fran: "We have a lot of list pushers to help us with this." Tessa: "Voting won't take you a minute, take that effort!"

Candidates Active TLS

  • Tessa Straetemans

    Tessa Straetemans

  • Fran Lebegge

    Fran Lebegge

  • Stijn Visser

    Stijn Visser

  • Siebold Klasen

    Siebold Klasen

  • Mathilde Schets

    Mathilde Schets

  • Ian Oosterhof

    Ian Oosterhof