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Active TLS: new student group wants to be in the Faculty Council

In the Faculty Council of Tilburg Law School students have been represented by the same student party for a long time. This party is doing fine, but we think it is important that students have a choice. A choice between more ideas', says Christien Zonnenberg (20), who is heading the list for Active TLS. Fellow candidate Merel van Hunsel (21) adds: 'A certain group of law students is now represented in the council. We have a different constituency. So if we get seats, more interests will be represented in the Faculty Council'.

More interests will be represented soon

The Faculty Council is a participation body. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education, facilities and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, make adjustments to plans and make their own proposals.

More visibility

The list of Active TLS has four candidates. Christien is a third-year student of Global Law. She thinks Tilburg Law School is big enough for two student parties. Active TLS wants to be a visible party so that more students know they are represented on the board. She wants to join the Faculty Council because she sees areas for improvement in the degree of representation that students experience. Many international students in particular do not know to whom they can turn with ideas and complaints; they lack representation. I want to do something about that'. She likes to prepare pieces. "I'm always well prepared and I like a good discussion. Merel emphasizes that they will turn to all study areas within the faculty. "So we know what's going on across the School.

The active student

Among all the plans of party Active TLS is the vision that students should be able to be active alongside their studies. Merel, who is in the final year of his bachelor's degree in Tax Law, explains: Our vision is based on the active students, on how we can improve education and facilities for these students. I am also active myself. I have served on all kinds of committees, including rowing club Vidar, the Smeetskring, Front participation association and hockey club Shot. So, I know a lot of people and can get different opinions from them. I have also been a student- mentor of first-year students. In the Faculty Council I also want to change things for them'.

More flexible presence requirement

A more flexible attitude towards mandatory attendance is a point for which these two party candidates are passionately committed. 'Cause that helps students who are active enormously.' But there's more that can be done better. Christien: 'Many students need more opportunities for minors. For example, there are no broadening minors at the moment, while many students, including myself, would like to take courses in Psychology. And the provision of information on internship opportunities could be improved. When I last looked at the website of internship mediator Integrand, there were still internships on it from 2016. There's really room for improvement. And if you don't get any credits for an internship, it should be possible to plan them around lectures so that you don't get a study delay,' adds Merel. The number of video and audio lectures may also be increased for these group members. And', Merel concludes. We want to look for smarter ways to ask questions in a simpler way, for example by enabling an online chat with the education coordinator. 

List of candidates

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