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Active TLS in the Faculty Council

Student Party Active TLS can't stress it enough: being active brings you an awful lot. "Organizing, planning, debating, building a network, social skills." List leader Nathalie Sprenger (21) has plenty of examples. "It doesn't matter if you are active in a study- or student association, have a side job or a board position, it is insightful and comes in handy when looking for a job."

Fighting for student interests

Nathalie is a second-year law student. The number two on Active TLS's list is Thijn van Wijchen (20-year-old and third year law student). He confirms: "The law firms I've been in contact with all say the same thing; we want to see your CV and yes, you need a degree to work here, but your grades don’t matter to us."


Active TLS is one of two student parties participating in the elections for this participatory body. In the Faculty Council, the Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, to adjust plans of the board, and to bring in their own proposals. In high school, Nathalie was also active in the student council. In her hometown, she learned to stand her ground while organizing the children's holiday week. "I am good at organizing and arranging things, I have been around at the university for a while, and I am willing to fight for the student interest. Therefore, I think I can definitely contribute to improving our faculty through the council." She is active at rowing association Vidar. "As a freshman before COVID, I thought everything was well organized within our faculty. But during the pandemic, it became clear to me that as a student you need to speak up and that there is an opportunity to do so." 

The interests of first-year students

Thijn is a third-year student. "Therefore, I have quite a bit of experience with studying, and with the ins and outs of this faculty. When I was a freshman, I had no idea what goes on within the Faculty Council and how the administration works. That's why I want to get involved, especially for the interests of that student group." He likes a vigorous debate. "Being able to debate seems like a handy skill in the council. I do a lot besides my studies; I have a side job at the Legal Advice Centre and I am active in a water polo and swimming club. Those experiences also come in useful in council work." 

Preserving hybrid education 

One of the other issues these party members want to get involved in is the preservation of hybrid education. "Within our faculty, a large proportion of the lecturers are completely abandoning online lecturing," Nathalie outlined. "I think it is important that lectures, even now that we are allowed to have classes on campus again, are still recorded and that online lectures continue to be given. Other lecturers still teach entirely online. We advocate for more balance and better communication for students to be able to better schedule their own days and time, because that also makes it easier to be active besides your study." Thijn also wants to encourage freshmen to become more active. "There is more room for that if they can watch lectures back."  
Active TLS maintains contact with its constituency through social media and through the networks of its board members. Nathalie: "On Instagram, we regularly conduct polls to gather students' opinions."  

Candidates Active TLS

  • Nathalie Sprenger

    Nathalie Sprenger

  • Thijn van Wijchen

    Thijn van Wijchen

  • Romy Groenland

    Romy Groenland

  • Eva Pasmans

    Eva Pasmans

  • Evy Tuijn

    Evy Tuijn