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Active TLS in the Faculty Council

'We think it is important for all TLS students to vote,' stressed Anne Belle Engel (21), number five on the voting list of student party Active TLS. 'As a student faction in the Faculty Council, we have real influence on policy.' List leader Suus Wartena (20) adds, 'Delve into the election programs, because there is something to choose from. And if you have questions or ideas, let us know. You can do that all year long.

Space for personal development in addition to studies

In the Faculty Council, the Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, adjust plans of the board and introduce their own proposals. Active TLS is one of two groups competing for student seats. The party bases its election program on the following four pillars: the active student, digitalization, internationalization and going the extra mile.

Learning challenge

Tax Law student Suus: 'Having two student groups motivates us to do our best for fellow students.' Anne Belle: "In the council, we certainly don't work against each other, because we have the same goal. Anne Belle is studying Corporate Law and was already on an employee participation body once, during her studies at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. 'There I experienced that as a student you can exert real influence, develop your ideas and contribute to the quality of and atmosphere within an educational institution. I know what a part-time board year entails and it seems like a fun, educational challenge.'

Personal development and network building

Active TLS encourages being active in boards, committees, sports and side jobs, among other things. Suus: "Due to corona, the TOP week before the start of my studies did not take place. So I didn't visit the student associations and didn't get any information about the different board options, for example. Suppose there will be another pandemic then there should be a plan so that students do get well informed.'

Why this group values being active so much? Suus: 'It is good for your personal development and network. Among other things, you learn to plan and take and bear responsibility.' Anne Belle adds, "For me, being active is part of my student life. Besides committee and board work at study, student and sports associations, there are plenty of ways to be active. Anne Belle: "Both study-related and social activities contribute to your development.   

Abolition of compulsory attendance

On the subject of digitization, Anne Belle says, "Many teachers seem to want to get rid of recording lectures and only post the recordings online a week before an exam. I think they should do this right after the lecture. I understand that they encourage students to come to campus, but with all courses coming online a week before the exam, students never manage to watch everything back. I am also in favor of abolishing the attendance requirement. Being present for a certain percentage is fine, but we are not compulsory education and that compulsory attendance makes being active alongside studies more difficult.'

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Candidates Active TLS

  • Active TLS -  Suus Wartena

    Suus Wartena

    Candidate #1
  • Active TLS - Jorg van Stekelenburg

    Jorg van Stekelenburg

    Candidate #2
  • Active TLS - Antje Beers

    Antje Beers

    Candidate #3
  • Active TLS - Eva in 't Veld

    Eva in ’t Veld

    Candidate #4
  • Evy Tuijn

    Anne Belle Engel

    Candidate #5