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Active TSB in the Faculty Council

“You don't get hired by great companies anymore with just a degree and no accomplishments besides your studies,” argues Floortje Bras (20) of Active TSB. Fellow party member Nienke van Dijk (18) adds: “There are so many opportunities for students to be active, and it's a shame if the School restricts us in that.” In the School Council, Active TSB is committed to ensuring the best possible combination of studying and being active.

Being active in addition to your studies is so instructive

In the School Council, the Management Team presents its plans for education and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, adjust the Board’s plans, and contribute their own proposals.

More flexibility

Organization and Management Sciences student Floortje previously studied Global Law. “Things are not necessarily better there, but they are different. I want to work to improve our School instead of just shouting that things could be better.” Nienke: “I am now a first-year Psychology student and think I have been thrown in at the deep end too much. Of course, you have to become independent as a student, but there are so many platforms, and it creates a lot of ambiguity. In the Council, I want to stand up for fellow students who, like me, need more flexibility. I row at a high level and am active in committees at Vidar. Watching lectures at times that are convenient for me, for example, would already be great progress.”

Towards a single platform

Other things they want to get involved in? Floortje: “Within one program, lectures are still being recorded, at another program, it is no longer allowed. We advocate uniformity.” Nienke: “Also on Canvas. And I want to make an effort to do everything through Canvas, with only Osiris as an addition to it for registering for courses.” Floortje: “Going on an exchange, doing an internship, the School encourages it, but many students discover too late that these opportunities are available. By informing them well as early as in the first year, for example, about the minimum grades you need to have for this, students know what to do.”   

Take us seriously

Active TSB party members stress that students want to be taken seriously. Nienke: “So when we fill out the evaluation of a course after an exam, we also want to hear if something is done with it.” Floortje: “That also applies to being active. Sometimes we feel that the Management Team and lecturers think that everything we do outside our studies is drink beer. But we develop ourselves by being on committees and organizing events.” Nienke: "That is so instructive. You learn to present and chair and structure meetings, for example. I experience this myself as a Vidar committee member. These kinds of skills make the step to a job later on smaller.”

Finally, they make a call. Nienke: “Do you disagree with something or have a question? Approach us, we will gladly explain our views.” Floortje: “And cast your vote, look at the election programs and make a choice.”     

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Candidates Active TSB

  • Active TSB - Aida Engels

    Aida Engels

    Candidate #2
  • Active TSB - Floortje Bras

    Floortje Bras

    Candidate #2
  • Active TSB - Nienke van Dijk

    Nienke van Dijk

    Candidate #3
  • Active TSB - Sophie Cunnen

    Sophie Cunnen

    Candidate #4