Active TSB

Active TSB in the Faculty Council

"Come to campus to cast your vote or vote online. We can represent you in the TSB Faculty Council. Do you value the same issues as we do? Then cast your vote." List leader Fenne Linskens (21, bachelor student in Psychology) and number two Charlotte Kerckhaert (20, bachelor student in Organization Studies) of Active TSB are ready. "As a student in this participatory body, you have to be strong and be able to work together with the other student party, with staff, and the Faculty Board," said Fenne. "Charlotte and I are able to do so."

Through the council, we bring in the perspective of the active student

In the Faculty Council, the Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, to adjust plans of the Board and to bring in their own proposals. 

The active student  

Active TSB is committed to all active students in the Faculty of TSB. Charlotte: "I am a member of rowing association Vidar, study association Polis and I am a member of sorority N.O.N. I talk a lot with fellow students about what is going well and what could be improved at our faculty. Through the Faculty Council I want to contribute to changes." Fenne is active in tennis association Lacoste. "I speak to a lot of active students, many of them think that the faculty could be better organized for them. I like to start making this happen with the input of active students."  

Improving the PASS-program  

One of the items that the new members of Active TSB will continue to work on next academic year is improving the PASS program. This program for academic study success pays attention to the development of skills, study choices, and job market orientation. Charlotte: "The current fraction has been working on this for some time. Many students do not know what PASS entails and that is a pity. Participation is voluntary, but it is very useful for your personal development." Fenne: "The Faculty Board is currently looking at how PASS can be better implemented. We can bring in the student's perspective through the council."    

Preserving online lectures  

One of Active TSB's priorities is digitalization. Fenne: "For the active student, it is important that it remains possible to follow lectures online, even after the pandemic. We think physical lectures are important, but it's easier to be active if you can follow a part of your lectures online." Charlotte started her studies entirely online. "I find the transition to offline lectures at fixed times quite difficult. Other students are happy with it. It's good to have all opinions heard in the Faculty Council." The other three pillars are: the active student, internationalization, and going the extra mile. Charlotte: "For example, we want to make sure that there is more publicity about ways to become active, such as positions as student assistants." 

Contact with the constituency 

This party has a list of six candidates. Fenne: "We maintain contact with our constituency through our networks, associations, and social media. Students can share their opinions and ideas with us in many ways. We want to give all these channels more publicity, so students know how to find our party even better."  

Candidates Active TSB

  • Fenne Linskens

    Fenne Linskens

    Candidate #1
  • Charlotte Kerckhaert

    Charlotte Kerckhaert

    Candidate #2
  • Sanne van Bekhoven

    Sanne van Bekhoven

    Candidate #3
  • Merel Schurgers

    Merel Schurgers

    Candidate #4
  • Nayomi Latulola

    Nayomi Latulola

    Candidate #5
  • Joris Soolsma

    Joris Soolsma

    Candidate #6