Active TSB for the 2021 student elections

Active TSB in the Faculty Council - 2021 elections

"Thanks to an initiative of the Active parties in the Faculty Councils, Canvas is being updated. The design will be clearer and the same for every faculty," says Albano Godrie (21) of Active TSB. He is second on the electoral list. Tiarra de Rijcke (22) is the number three. "I want to do something for fellow students who, like me, want to get the most out of their study time," she says. They are looking forward to the elections. "There is something to choose, so cast your vote. It's the way to influence the policy of Faculty TSB."

'Voting is more important than ever'

Active TSB is one of two student parties competing in the elections for the Faculty Council. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research there. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, to adjust plans of the board and to bring their own proposals forward.

A great way to mean something for students

Albano studies Organizational Science. He says: "In the council, our priority is the active student. You can be active in many ways; with committee work at study associations and student associations, a parttime job, an internship or following an Honours Program." He is now president of party Front. He sees being active in the Faculty Council as meaningful work. "It's a great way to do something for students in our faculty," he says. Among other things, he wants to work for a smooth return to physical education. "While retaining the positive experiences of current online education. In particular, online lectures and the possibility to watch these lectures at a later time gives students room to be active in other areas."

More promotion of opportunities to be active

Psychology student Tiarra is also ready to give her opinion on the faculty's policy. "As a freshman, I wouldn't have dared to do this, but I have developed greatly in the past three years. I dare to give my opinion and engage in debate. In the council you have to stand your ground. The council work seems instructive to me." Tiarra also does all sorts of things besides her studies. She is active with rowing club Vidar and was a mentor during the TOP week. She is currently pursuing the Forensic Psychology major. She feels the faculty could do more to encourage being active. "The opportunities to be active should be better promoted. For example, every freshman should already be aware of the existence of the Faculty Council."

Voting is more important than ever

They hope for a high turnout. "Your vote is now more important than ever," Tiarra emphasizes. "The distance between student and faculty has never been greater." Albano: "The more students vote, the better we can represent them." Active TSB collects input from students through the Faculty Forum and the IDEA platform on which all faculty associations and committees keep each other informed of what is going on. Albano: "We have an office in the Tias building on the same floor as our faculty's study associations. So there are plenty of opportunities to get opinions from students." Tiarra says that Active TSB is positive about IDEA's commitment to ensuring that students who are in a group together during TOP week also end up in a mentoring class together. "We would like to commit next academic year to improving the PASS mentoring system so that it is even more responsive to student needs."

Candidates Active TSB

  • Estelle Hollmann stelt zich verkiesbaar voor Active TSB in 2021

    Estelle Hollmann

  • Albano Godrie telt zich verkiesbaar voor Active TSB in 2021

    Albano Godrie

  • Tiarra de Rijcke stelt zich verkiesbaar voor Active TSB in 2021

    Tiarra de Rijcke

  • Eva Vael stelt zich verkiesbaar voor Active TSB in 2021

    Eva Vael

  • Teun Brakkman stelt zich verkiesbaar voor Active TSB in 2021

    Teun Braakman