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Active TSB: new student party wants to be in the Faculty Council

We have started a new student party, because we believe that something can also be done at faculty level for the active student', explains Ella Verheijen (22). She is on the third place of Active TSB, which is taking part in the elections for the Faculty Council TSB for the first time. Colleague Hielke Visser (20 and number two) adds: 'Because we, and the other party, can fully focus on our own points, we will get more done for the student'.

Together we'll get more done for the student

The Faculty Council is a participation body. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research there. Students and employees each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, make adjustments to plans and make their own proposals. The list of Active TSB has four candidates. We do not want to take over the representation of students on the council, but we want to cooperate with the other parties in the council and hold discussions on content.

Putting the active student center stage

The active student is put center stage in the pillars of Active TSB. Ella: 'We focus on digitisation, internationalisation and Going the extra mile. In the Faculty Council TSB we will address problems and also provide possible solutions'. Hielke gives as an example: 'Many students have to go through a lot of trouble to find certain information about their own school, such as about minors and universities where they can go on exchange. The information is there, but is scattered all over Tilburg University's website. We want to put the information per faculty together on the online platform Canvas'. Ella adds: 'You have to make appointments with a study coordinator by visiting the student desk. It's often busy there, so it would be nice if we could schedule these appointments online via the platform, just as we already do with the career service officers'. Another plan they want to realise falls under the pillar 'TSB goes the extra mile'. Ella: 'We want to stimulate contact between social sciences faculties so that students can follow guest lectures at other universities, for example'.

International students are not very active next to their studies

Hielke is a sophomore student in Organizational Sciences. In high school, I was a member of the participation council. I like being able to mean something and change it for others. I think that digitisation can be improved at the university. For example, it offers me many advantages that, thanks to Corona, I can now take online lessons whenever I want. And the online contact moments also prove to be valuable'. Fourth-year student Global Management of Social Issues, Ella says: 'I'm active in a study association and I'm following an international course. I notice that few international students are active and that they encounter problems, just like active Dutch students. Little attention is paid to this overlap. I want to do something about that. She has a large following among international students. In addition, I've been active for four years now and I'm learning a lot from them. Thanks to the chairmanship of a number of committees, for example, I now know a lot about dealing with the dynamics in different groups'. Hielke describes herself as curious. I find it a challenge to go through bulky pieces. And I'm critical; I always want to know why things are done in a certain way'.

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