Active TSHD

Active TSHD in the Faculty Council

'We lack clarity, for example in what courses are required for a certain minor or master's degree. Many students don't even know who their study coordinator is.' Coralie van Rijsbergen (19) and Jeroen Goossens (23) are the number 1 and 2 on the voting list of Active TSHD. They hope to be able to represent their faculty in the Faculty Council next academic year.

Give us space to be active alongside our studies

In the council, the Faculty Board presents the plans for education and research. Students and staff each have five seats. They have the right to vote, to adjust plans, and to bring in their own proposals. Active TSHD is one of the two student parties participating in the elections and currently has two seats. Jeroen explains: 'In the Faculty Council all proposals from the Faculty Board are discussed. The student and staff parties can also submit their own proposals. We also critically look at the budget.' The current party members of Active TSHD have founded the sounding board group. Coralie: 'In this group, students from our faculty share their ideas with the party. This creates more transparency between the students in the council and their constituency. We will certainly continue with this.’ 

A board year or internship 

Active TSHD is committed to the active student, to making activities outside of the study more accessible and better organized. Jeroen: 'Just passing your studies with a good grade is not enough anymore. Companies expect you to have done an internship, have relevant work experience, have served on the board of an association, or have participated in professional sports. We think it is important that the faculty gives us the opportunity to do this. In our study, Liberal Arts and Sciences, many lectures are compulsory while this is not always feasible if you also want to develop yourself through activities next to your studies.' He is looking forward to the council membership. ‘I think it's interesting to see how things are done behind the scenes and to be able to contribute ideas of my own.' For example, Coralie wants to improve communication to international students. 'The platforms We Activate Tilburg and Student in Tilburg give an overview of ways to become active, but the focus is mainly on Dutch students. That could be more inclusive.' 'Indeed,' Jeroen responds. ‘Also for international students, there are a lot of development opportunities to engage in outside their studies.’

Influence through participation 

Both students are active in associations. Coralie rows and coaches at Vidar. 'I've learned a lot from that experience, such as leadership and teamwork.' Jeroen is organizing the lustrum of student association Plato. 'I already have board experience and I am learning a lot from supervising the various committees.' They also expect to be able to use these capacities if they are elected for the Faculty Council. Coralie: 'I have been studying for more than one and a half years so far, during that time I have encountered various issues. It's great that there is a platform where you, as a student, have influence on policy decisions through participation.' Jeroen wants to work towards a clearer layout of Canvas pages. 'A uniform way would help students tremendously, currently each teacher arranges the page as they see fit. Sometimes under the heading Syllabus, there is not even a syllabus.' The party members also have a large network within the faculty. Coralie: 'In addition, we have party members from almost all fields of study within TSHD on our list.' In the upcoming weeks the party will work hard on their visibility through social media and other means. 

Candidates Active TSHD

  • Coralie van Rijsbergen

    Coralie van Rijsbergen

    Candidate #1
  • Jeroen Goossens

    Jeroen Goossens

    Candidate #2
  • Maureen Snijder

    Maureen Snijder

    Candidate #3
  • Cune van Asselt

    Cune van Asselt

    Candidate #4
  • Vonne Grijpma

    Vonne Grijpma

    Candidate #5
  • Tom Douw

    Tom Douw

    Candidate #6
  • Elin Kloot

    Elin Kloot

    Candidate #7
  • Mauritz van Lingen

    Mauritz van Lingen

    Candidate #8
  • Esmée den Dulk

    Esmée den Dulk

    Candidate #9
  • Anandi van der Merwe

    Anandi van der Merwe

    Candidate #10
  • Jinke Heyne van Gelder

    Jinke Heyne van Gelder

    Candidate #11
  • Iris Mertens

    Iris Mertens

    Candidate #12
  • Rachel Hochstenbach

    Rachel Hochstenbach

    Candidate #13
  • Denise Baltus

    Denise Baltus

    Candidate #14
  • Laura van Houdt

    Laura van Houdt

    Candidate #15
  • Cas van der Heijden

    Cas van der Heijden

    Candidate #16
  • Tristan Sprakel

    Tristan Sprakel

    Candidate #17