Active TSHD for the 2021 elections

Active TSHD in the Faculty Council - 2021 elections

The party members of Active TSHD encourage students to become active. Third-year Communication and Information Sciences student Laura van Houdt (22): "There is a lot of misunderstanding about being active next to your studies, while it is useful and fun." Together with three students from her faculty, she is running for the Faculty Council TSHD.

"More appreciation and opportunities for the active student

The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research to the Council. Students and employees each have five seats. They have the right to vote, modify plans, and submit their own proposals. Active TSHD is one of the two student parties participating in the elections. The group maintains contact with all fields of study within TSHD and has candidates from multiple programs on the list.

We gain relevant work experience

Cas van der Heijden (21) is also a third-year student of Communication and Information Sciences. He is third on the election list and is an active member of T.S.R. Vidar. "The boards of the faculty and university have too little understanding for the active students. While you learn a lot from, for example, playing top sports, committee work and being an independent entrepreneur." Laura is doing a board year at Kweek Communications. "This communication agency at the university carries out assignments for companies. I gain relevant work experience, it's satisfying and I get energy from it."

Planning and responsibility

Active TSHD focuses on four spearheads: the active student, digitalization, internationalization and going the extra mile. Cas: "The last point includes encouraging students to become active. For example, we want the mentor lessons for first-year students to focus on learning to study effectively. This will lower the barrier to becoming active." Another argument for becoming active is that the labor market is placing more and more value on it, according to Active TSHD.

Working together with international students

In terms of digitalization, they see a number of areas for improvement. "Recording lectures is very nice for active students, so we want to keep that," says Cas. Laura adds, "And online lectures could be better in many cases; shorter and with more knowledge clips so it doesn't get long-winded." Thanks to the current Active TSHD'ers, students will no longer have to face a six-month study delay if they don't finish their thesis with a failing grade, and Canvas will be updated. "For every course, the links and information will soon be in the same place." In addition, they want to work towards more cooperation between international and Dutch students. Laura: "Internationalization is more than teaching in English. Many international students are in their own bubble. We want to encourage associations to involve them in activities." Cas adds, "It's fun and educational to get to know each other's cultures and hang out together."

Every student sees areas for improvement

Active TSHD maintains close contact with the faculty's student associations, including Flow. Laura: "The associations have members from different studies and nationalities. This allows us to gather opinions from many groups." The Active parties of the different faculties maintain close contact and inspire each other. "The threshold for contact between different faculties is therefore lower," she says. She calls the creation of these fractions a year ago, a great success for participation. "Many more students now know about the existence of the Faculty Council. There's really something to choose from, and that ensures that both sides are sharp." By voting, students can contribute to changes. Cas: "Every student sees points for improvement. In the council, we can improve education in consultation with the other student party, the employees’ parties and the Board."

Candidates Active TSHD

  • Willemijn Weterings

    Willemijn Weterings

  • Ludo van der Gun

    Ludo van der Gun

  • Wander Waals

    Wander Waals