De campusgemeenschap van Tilburg University is volop in beweging

Camilla Spadavecchia

For the coming elections, I have prepared a program that touches upon diversity management, sustainability of academic work and well-being of employees, improvement of external communication, and collaboration between the employees of different departments.

1. Diversity management

Support an inclusive environment where diversity in terms of identities, backgrounds, and circumstances does not represent a barrier for academics in the selection, evaluation, and during the entire management process.

2. Sustainability and well-being

The sustainability of our job is strictly related to our well-being. This is already recognized in the Strategy plan of our Faculty. In this respect, I plan to: 

  • Make sure that the goals stated in the Faculty Strategy plan 2022-2027 in terms of sustainability are followed by concrete actions; 
  • Bring in the discussion the need to look at the well-being of employees not only during the evaluation moments. It is needed to have a clear picture of the well-being of employees in our Faculty and what factors influence it. When we have a clear picture of that, we can discuss goals and actions.
  • Look at the current time task allocation system and check whether it reflects faculty members' actual time in each activity. In case of relevant discrepancies, discuss ways to make feasible changes for both the employees and the Faculty.
  • Discuss the implementation of a Faculty time/ task allocation platform that makes visible and easily accessible to the employees the time allocated to their tasks.

3. Research and education

Support the development of an environment where colleagues from different departments and schools can meet and learn more about their works to foster bottom-up collaborations. (e.g., work on research applications together and give guest lectures at each other's courses to bring different points of view on similar topics and methodologies in class). Strengthen the collaboration with other universities.

4. External Communication

Work for the improvement of the external communication and visibility of the Faculty’s activities and employees' work.

5. The interests of our Department

Bring the interests of the DCU department into the discussion within the Faculty Council

Vote for me to strengthen sustainability in the Humanities.


  • Camilla Spadavecchia

    Camilla Spadavecchia