Fractie Dante 2021

Student Party Dante in the Faculty Council TSHD - 2021 elections

International students Julia Theißen (23) and Fahad Shakeel (19) hope to be elected in the Faculty Council TSHD. Julia (place one on the list): “Student participation is very important. I want to be the critical voice of students.” Fahad (third place): “Students are currently having a hard time communicating with the professors and the Faculty. I will take their opinions to the Faculty Board, making sure that they are listened to.”

‘If you want change, vote for us’

In the Council, the Faculty Board presents its plans for teaching and research. Staff and students of the faculty both have five seats in the council. They have the right to vote on issues, make changes in board plans and to present their own initiatives. Student Party Dante is one of two parties that runs for seats in the Council for TSHD. Dante has international and Dutch students on the list. Julia: “Voting is an opportunity for change. If you want change, you can vote for us.”  

We need to know what happens to our data

Fahad studies Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence and comes from Pakistan. Julia is German and studies Liberal Arts and Science with a major in Cognitive Neuroscience. She wants to make sure students are protected, by example during proctored exams. “We need to know what happens to our data.” Fahad explains that every student has a responsibility to the university and faculty. “I want to be part of improving my faculty and myself. I want to grow personally as much as I can during my time at Tilburg University.” He has quite some experience with student bodies and institutions like faculties. “I was an active student at my former school in Pakistan,  in sports and debating club.” 

The need for better communication has increased a lot

Julia is active in a study association as a committee head. “Next year I want to take it up a notch and be involved in the faculty as a whole.” Subjects that are important to her are digitalisation and transparency. If we can all go back to campus next September, we should look back and learn lessons from the digitalization during the covid-19 pandemic. We can implement online learning and also focus on what students think of it and what they think can be improved.” Both Dante-members want to work on improving communication between faculty and students. Fahad: “During the pandemic the need for better communication has increased a lot.”

Handing in grades too late?

Another topic they want to address in the council is communication about handing in grades. Julia: “We do understand how stressful these times are for the teachers. So if you cannot grade an exam on time, just send your students an e-mail to inform them you need some more time. They will be okay with that.” Fahad adds: “Now a lot of students stress out on this. If we get elected we will help get their message to the faculty board in a respectful and professional way.”

We can make your voice heard

The current board has been listening to all the Covid struggle, with monthly office hours and online presence. Julia: “We will keep listening to students, during office hours s can come in and talk to us.” Dante is also reachable by e-mail and through student-representatives from their study. She continues: “I’d like to send out questionnaires to gather students opinions about education and communication during Covid-19.” Fahad emphasizes one last time: “If you do not vote, you take away your chance to complain. When you vote, we can make your voice heard.”

Candidates Party Dante

  • Julia Theissen

    Julia Theißen

  • Nathalie Correia Espinha

    Nathalie Correia Espinha

  • Fahad Shakeel

    Fahad Shakeel

  • Sasha Baker

    Sasha Baker

  • Marieke van der Pol

    Marieke van der Pol

  • Julius Graafsma

    Julius Graafsma

  • Lennart Janssen

    Lennart Janssen

  • Alex Sinke

    Alex Sinke

  • Franziska Frohlich

    Franziska Fröhlich

  • Ivo de Haan

    Ivo de Haan

  • Sabine van Haren

    Sabine van Haren