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Dante: new students in an experienced party

As a student within a small field of study, I miss the connection with students from other studies. In the Faculty Council I want to dedicate myself to social networking, to more joint activities for all students of Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences', says Madelief Tresonie (20) of party Dante. Fellow candidate Marieke van der Pol (24) adds: 'I stand for the best in the field of internationalization, for students and employees. Party Dante is one of the two student parties participating in the Faculty Council elections.

In addition to internationalisation and social networking, party Dante has the following spearheads: digitisation, labour market orientation and quality of education. Dante has been participating for years and therefore has a lot of knowledge and experience.

What do the students in the Faculty Council do? 

The Faculty Council is a consultative body. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research there. Students and employees each have five seats. They have the right to vote, make adjustments to plans and make their own proposals. Madelief, who is number two on the list, says: 'It is important that students participate in the discussion and reflection on the quality of education'.

From more networking to a cycling course

In addition to the quality of education within TSHD, the students also have practical things that they believe will make the School better. Madelief: 'It would be good if student associations would organize activities for all TSHD students. This will enable us to build up a broader network, which will also be useful when we enter the labor market'. And Marieke, number one on Dante’s electoral list, would like the School to provide a cycling course for international students. "I know several students who have been in traffic accidents. The course could be given by Dutch students. This would also lead to better social integration'.

"It can make a difference"

She describes the advantages of internationalization as follows: My courses are in English and every day I notice how beautiful it is when you can learn from each other and from each other's culture. This requires good, mutual communication. The other day, for example, I noticed that a lecturer mentioned, at the signoff of her e-mail, in which languages she could be reached. This sounds like something small, but it can make a difference. It would be good if all employees would do this. Marieke is known among classmates as helpful and involved. I do like to help, for example through our class app. In addition, I have good communication skills, so contributing to participation in the council is really something for me'.

Zeeland booster

Madelief expects that it will be fun and educational to enter the Faculty Council. She says: 'I have been active in the Animo study association. Among other things, I created newsletters and organized activities there. In the council, I would do work that is more formal. I am looking forward to that. I'm very curious about how it works there'. She is organized and loves to act as a booster. "I’m originally from Zeeland, as a Zeelander, I've learned that hard work is important. In other words: they are up for it, but ‘without votes we can’t be representatives’ So, cast your votes!

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  • Marieke van der Pol

    Marieke van der Pol

    #1 on the list


  • Madelief Tresonie

    Madelief Tresonie

    #2 on the list


  • Julius Graafsma

    Julius Graafsma

    #3 on the list


  • Maciej Gadzala

    Maciej Gadzala

    #4 on the list


  • Michael Quinlan

    Michael Quinlan

    #5 on the list


Other candidates

  • Mike Muijen 
  • Dore de Smidt 
  • Alex Sinke 
  • Lisa Neve 
  • William van Wijk