De campusgemeenschap van Tilburg University is volop in beweging

Department DCA in the Faculty board TSHD

More communication between departments, better inclusivity and making sure that everyone feels safe at the Faculty. These are a few of the topics which employee party TSHD-DCA wants to address in the Faculty board the next two years. Mirjam de Haas, assistant professor Cognition and Artificial Intelligence at DCA: “We worked very separately as departments during the pandemic and working from home. We need to become a unity again because we work on the same research topics but with our own point of view.” Her colleague Michal Klincewicz is a candidate for the board too.

More transparency and focus on research

“Our department needs better representation in the Faculty board”, he explains. “I want to put the unique nature of our department forward in the council. We are a very technical department compared to the rest. Our concerns are somewhat different. That results in practical issues. For example: there are differences in what we think is a good research question. This kind of differences have to do with better communicating and getting to know each other better.” 

Keeping calm under pressure     

In the Faculty council the Management Team presents its plans for teaching and research. Staff and students both have five seats. They have the right to vote on issues, propose changes to plans of the MT and to present their own initiatives. Department DCA has its own list but will be working closely with the board members of the other departments of TSHD.

Mirjam sat in the board two years ago when she filled in for a pregnant colleague. “A key reason for me to be on the list is that I am a person people come to with problems and topics that are relevant to everyone at our department or Faculty.” It is Michal’s first time as a candidate but he brings a lot of experience. “I worked in the US, in Germany and Poland in different roles at different universities. I keep calm under pressure, I think that’s an asset.”   

Facilitate symposia 

More transparency is another issue they feel strongly about. Mirjam: “The recognition and rewards program that was set up last year is a good step. It makes the expectations clearer that the Faculty has of PhD’s, professors and other people working at our Faculty.

We hope all departments get a seat in the board so we can talk about these kind of topics in the meetings.” She also mentions symposia in which research from different departments gets combined. “The board should continue to facilitate those.”  

Every vote counts 

Other issues the Faculty board talks about are the code of conduct and the strategic plan the Executive Board of the university presented for 2023-2027. Michal: “I want to see some stuff become real, like a starterpackage for incoming junior faculty. And safety is really important too. There was a lot of focus on students’ wellbeing through the pandemic, but colleagues struggled too. There have been burn outs because of the pressure and the extra work. Recognition for that would be good.”

“And we need part of the focus shift back to research”, Mirjam adds. “The Faculty told us to focus on education, but now is the time to pick up our research.” They hope all their colleagues understand how important it is to vote. “Last election we lost a seat because of one vote, so every vote counts.”    


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DCA Candidates

  • Mirjam de Haas

    Mirjam de Haas

    Candidate #1
  • Chris Emmery

    Chris Emmery

    Candidate #2
  • Michal Klincewicz

    Michal Klincewicz

    Candidate #3