Studenten Party ECCO

Student party ECCO in the Faculty Council of TiSEM

Studentparty ECCO represents the students of TiSEM in the Faculty Council. The new members of this party want to address a variety of topics, for example: the transition from online to on campus studying and the integration between Dutch and international students. Atche Bilyal (20) and Jag Ammerlaan (21) are two of the six students on ECCO’s list. After the elections the six will decide which students are going to represent the students of TiSEM in the board and who will work behind the scenes.

Every student must feel welcome

In the Faculty Council the Management Team presents its plans for teaching and research. Staff and students both have seven seats. They have the right to vote on issues, propose changes to plans of the MT and to present their own initiatives. Student Party ECCO is one of two parties that runs for seats.

A lot of communication still in Dutch

Jag Ammerlaan (bachelor student in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation) is Dutch and grew up in different European countries and in the US. “At TiSEM we have a lot of international students. I want to give them a better experience at our faculty.” Atche Bilyal (bachelor student International Business Administration) is from Bulgaria. “The six students on our list share the same mission. I am an international student and want to make sure international students get the same opportunities as Dutch students. The communication on internships and events is mostly still in Dutch. Even in the mentoring program PASS some Dutch mentors would only speak Dutch. Adapting to university life as a first-year student can be difficult, for both international and Dutch students. Every international student from every corner of the world should feel welcome at Tilburg University.”

Adjusting to life after Covid-19

Online learning at TiSEM has gotten a boost during the Covid19-pandemic. Jag: “A lot of students, such as myself, started their studies online. Now everything is changing rapidly back to on campus studying. We want to help students with this transition.” “And”, Atche adds, “we want to make sure that lectures keep being recorded, so we can still access them when we want. We understand that teachers want to get back to normal and we know international students want to come and live in Tilburg, but housing is a big problem and will become bigger next year, because more international students are coming.” 

Learn from each other                                                                       

The current ECCO-members in the council worked on better integration between Dutch and international students. Jag: “We will continue working on the progresses set by the prior board. It’s good to learn from each other, international students have skills that Dutch students do not and vice versa.” Atche: “IBA is an international study that is meant to better understand other cultures and improve your communication skills. Students within this course should try to step out of their comfort zone by choosing to speak in English over Dutch. That could benefit both Dutch and international students."

Candidates Student party ECCO

  • Jag Ammerlaan

    Jag Ammerlaan

    Candidate #1
  • Atche Bilyal

    Atche Bilyal

    Candidate #2
  • Monika Grzywacz

    Monika Grzywacz

    Candidate #3
  • Zuzanna Kalinowska

    Zuzanna Kalinowska

    Candidate #4
  • Michelle Kossoi

    Michelle Kossoi

    Candidate #5
  • Andrei Neagu

    Andrei Neagu

    Candidate #6