De campusgemeenschap van Tilburg University is volop in beweging

Student party ECCO in the Faculty Council of TiSEM

"We can really make a difference for students," stress Nikita Kokke (19) and Mick Peters Sengers (21) of ECCO. This student party is one of two parties running for election to the School Council. This party focuses on student well-being, integration, career development, and quality of education.

A simpler and easier campus life

In the School Council, the School Board presents its plans for education and research. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, modify the Board’s plans, and contribute their own proposals.

Uniformity on Canvas

Mick is party leader for ECCO and studies International Business Administration. Nikita is an Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation student; she is in spot #2. She says, "I am following a fairly new study program. Fellow students and I run into some issues, such as the unclear structure and lack of uniformity on Canvas. I would like to get involved to improve those issues.” ECCO also believes the integration of international students could be improved. “Here lies a task for Dutch students and, for example, the mentors during the TOP week. Include them in the group and speak English when an international student is present.”

Student Well-being

Mick: "We will also focus on smaller issues where we can quickly improve something, such as communication between the School and students. Registering for courses could be simpler, in our opinion. We want to make campus life clearer and easier for students.” Nikita: "We want to be the voice of all students within TiSEM. Every student sometimes needs help with something, so approach us if you're struggling with something.” Mick: “I also see Council membership as an opportunity to develop myself further. It seems cool to take the initiative for improvements and help work out solutions.”

Student well-being is another point ECCO focuses on. Current party members are also committed to it. Mick: “They have arranged for the appointment of a female social worker in addition to the male one who was already there. This is much needed, because student well-being has declined because of COVID-19.”

Developing in addition to your studies

They stress that it is also important for students to develop beyond their studies. Nikita: "But not all students know the possibilities and opportunities offered by the university. Take membership in ECCO, it is a way to learn about yourself and to develop yourself. Membership of committees at associations are also a nice addition to your resume. The communication about activities in addition to your studies needs to improve.” Mick: "One solution could be to improve the PASS mentors’ information provision.


An internship is also a great development opportunity that party members like to promote. Mick: "I noticed during my internship that the transition to life as a worker is very big. You can’t manage your own time as easily. So it's good if you gain experience with that during your studies. Moreover, you learn a lot, for example about hierarchy and communication. Even a week in a company is valuable.” They are happy to work with input from TiSEM students.

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