Student Party ECCO in Faculty Board TiSEM - 2021 elections

Student Party ECCO represents all students of TiSEM in the Faculty Council The new members of ECCO are very motivated to make an impact for all TiSEM students. Two members on the election list of this student party explain why they want to be a part of student participation at the Faculty Council. “If we start at TiSEM with proper integration between Dutch and international students we will be better prepared to understand each other in our working lives in the business world”, Elly Dinescu (20) explains.

Better facilities for career development and better education

Elly is from Romania and studies International Business Administration. “The integration gap between international and Dutch students is impeding out social performance at university because we could all benefit from each other’s set of knowledge and experience.”

Focus on the content, not on persons

In the Council, the Management Team presents its plans for teaching and research. Staff and students both have seven seats. They have the right to vote on issues, propose changes to plans of the Management Team and to present their own initiatives. Student Party ECCO is one of two parties that runs for seats in the Faculty Council of TiSEM. Valentijn Willemse (22) is one of the Dutch candidates on the list. He has just finished his bachelor IBA and starts with the master Finance in September. “There are seven students on our list that are on the run for a seat in the Faculty Council. The list is organised in alphabetical order based on first name. We chose this order because we want to focus on the content of our program and not on the persons on the list and the size of their network.”

Elly: “We are all capable of doing the job very well. After the elections we will decide as a group who gets the seats and who will work in the background.” One of the successes of the current ECCO members are lecture free days during the EBT (Economic Business Week Tilburg) for all TiSEM master students. Valentijn: “This gives students the opportunity to develop ourselves in a career perspective and improve our relation with the labour market without missing classes.” 

International students feel left out

Valentijn wants to be part of the Faculty Council because of what he learned as a member of study association ASSET. “I saw that there is a lot of room for improvement in information spread about career orientation. I want to focus on career development for all students at TiSEM.” Elly hears from a lot of international students that they feel left out. “Even in the mentoring program PASS because some Dutch mentors would only speak Dutch. Adapting to university life as a first year student can be difficult, for both international and Dutch students. Having a mentor that is there for you will help you adopt quickly. And that will help your performance as a student.” 

For the benefit of all students

Quality of education is another issue Student Party ECCO wants to have an impact on. Valentijn: “It will be good to look past the crisis to see what digital education can be continued after the pandemic. There are definitely positive sides to online education. For international students it means they can visit family back home without missing classes. But physical classes are important as well. We want to collect data amongst students to see what they think of it. So the Faculty Management Team will make decisions for the benefits of all students.”

Candidates Party ECCO

  • Daniel Asselbergs

    Daniel Asselbergs

  • Elly Dinescu

    Elly Dinescu

  • Hugo Uitdehaag

    Hugo Uitdehaag

  • Ka Wai Tang

    Ka Wai Tang

  • Maia Ismail

    Maia Ismail

  • Sasha van den Hoek

    Sasha van den Hoek

  • Valentijn Willemse

    Valentijn Willemse