Students on campus

Student Party ECCO electable for the faculty council of TiSEM

The focus of fraction ECCO in the Faculty Council is on its own faculty. We find it important that the various study associations, programme committees and staff groups find each other and work together constructively. The group has three focus areas: career development, educational quality and student welfare.

Continuously looking at what can be improved

Rachel van der Velden (22) and Stijn Wijsman (22) are on place six and seven on the electoral list. The seven candidates have been selected on the basis of motivation and abilities. Our names are in alphabetical order. After the elections we decide who will fill the seats'.

Student participation

The Faculty Council is a participation body. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research there. Students and staff each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, adjust plans and make their own proposals. Student Party ECCO is one of the two student groups participating in the elections. ‘Up until 1991 there were two student parties in the Faculty Council,' says Rachel. On behalf of the student, these parties merged into student party ECCO. Stijn: 'Since then the student members have fully focused on the content; making the faculty better taking into account the interests of all TiSEM students'. Rachel adds: 'As a party we have a lot of knowledge. All the information about what ECCO has done in the Faculty Council over the past ten years has been documented. All group members have a lot of contacts, so our constituency is large'.

What problems are students facing?

Stijn is now doing a board year at study association ASSET ǀ International Business & Management. Next academic year he will start with the master Strategic Management. Rachel holds a bachelor's degree in Econometrics and Operational Research. They have experience in both participation and management. Stijn was a member of several committees at ASSET and, through the IBA Sounding Board Group and the Education Committee of all TiSEM's international bachelors, contributed to the quality of education. ‘I've seen with my own eyes how much students can contribute to the faculty.’ Rachel did a board year at ASSET ǀ Econometrics and went on an exchange to Canada. ‘I’ve also worked as a student assistant of the Career Services Officer at TiSEM Career Services.’ That’s where she noticed the type of problems that students of TiSEM are facing. 'Every week I received dozens of e-mails from students with questions about internships and resumes. Students find it difficult to write a good resume. It would be good if this became part of our curriculum.' In addition to this, Stijn says: 'And the faculty should stimulate visits to career events much stronger. It would also be good if a subject such as Professional Skills, which we get at IBA, is rolled out to several courses'.


Over the past year, their party in the Faculty Council made sure that students who fail their final exams are given a third chance, so that they do not have to suffer a study delay. Stijn: 'This regulation will come into effect academic year.’ Our party has also managed to ensure that all master's students are off during the Economic Business Week Tilburg, in which companies present themselves to near graduates', says Rachel. They emphasize that the quality of education within TiSEM is good. ‘But,’ says Stijn. ‘It's good to constantly look at what can be improved. They will therefore follow the start off new Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation programme closely.’ Stijn: 'For example, we want to see which aspects of this study can be used in existing studies.  

  • Stem voor Jiri van Baren van Fractie ECCO bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Jiri van Baren

  • Stem voor Tim van Doorn van Fractie ECCO bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Tim van Doorn

  • Stem voor Michelle Engelen van Fractie ECCO bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Michelle Engelen

  • Stem voor Cliff de Peijper van Fractie ECCO bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Cliff de Peijper

  • Stem voor Emile Scheres van Fractie ECCO bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Emile Scheres

  • Stem voor Rachel van der Velden van Fractie ECCO bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Rachel van der Velden

  • Stem voor Stijn Wijsman van Fractie ECCO bij de verkiezingen van 2020

    Stijn Wijsman