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Student Party Front in the University Council

"The University Council may sound like a distant concept," notes Marinka Hack (20). She's number two on the electoral list for Party Front. "However, the policies implemented by the Executive Board have a lot of influence and impact on students, on our development, our education, and the available facilities for us. That's why it is important to cast your vote during the elections on April 12, 13 and 14." List leader Malon Drissen adds: "Many students think that as a student you have little influence on the policies of the University, but in the University Council nine students have direct contact with the Executive Board. Just look at what Front has accomplished in the past few years."

Being active alongside your studies is extremely valuable

Party Front is one of two student parties participating in the University Council elections. This council is a participatory body in which nine students and nine staff members think along with the Executive Board. The Executive Board tests its plans there. The student and staff council members have the right to be informed, to discuss, to advice, to consent, and to submit their own proposals. 

Professionalizing confidential counsellors

Front ensured the arrival of a sustainability fund for associations in the past few years, also the access gates at the library come from an idea of this party. "Improving the English level of teachers is also an ongoing concern," Malon adds. "We want to build on Front's initiative, submitted this year, regarding the professionalization of the position of confidential counsellors," reports Marinka. "Many associations already have a confidential counsellor and Front considers it important that these counsellors receive annual trainings."  

Life experience and skills 

Party Front is committed to the active student, to digitalization, internationalization, and a living campus. The electoral list is filled with active students from different faculties and studies. Marinka is a third-year student in Public Administration, Malon is in the same year in Economics and Business Economics. "A board year appeals to me because it allows me to develop myself on a personal and academic level, and to expand my network." Marinka is currently doing a board year at study association Magister JFT│Juribes. "From there I work with student participation association Front. I'm mainly doing administrative work now and I want to focus more on politics. For that purpose, the University Council is the place to be. There is no other place where you can represent so many students." Moving on to Front's main focus: the active student. Marinka: "Being active next to your studies is incredibly valuable, it gives you life experience and skills that you don't develop in classes. That is why we advocate the implementation of Edubadges. These are credits that you can achieve through activities in addition to your studies. This gives employers insight into what you have learned besides your studies."

Hybrid education 

In the context of digitization, Malon wants to commit to hybrid education. "Many professors already combine online lectures with tutorials on campus. As a party, we aim for more hybrid education across all faculties, because it allows for more flexibility." Marinka adds: "There are currently a lot of conversations about blended learning, but that is different. Suppose you are on an exchange, then it is ideal if you can still follow your lectures. It shouldn't be the case that this is only possible at the university itself. We strive for both high quality education and opportunities for students to be active." 
The topic of study places is also close to their hearts. Marinka: "The Strategic Plan of 2022-2027 reports that the number of students will continue to increase in the coming years. We plead for a smart use of the study places that are already there. Classrooms are often empty; we can use these more efficiently. 

Candidates Student Party Front

  • Malon Drissen

    Malon Drissen

    Candidate #1
  • Marinka Hack

    Marinka Hack

    Candidate #2
  • Joelle Verboom

    Joelle Verboom

    Candidate #3
  • Quirijn Scheijvens

    Quirijn Scheijvens

    Candidate #4
  • Julia van der Wielen

    Julia van der Wielen

    Candidate #5
  • Suuz van Bommel

    Suuz van Bommel

    Candidate #6
  • Melvin Fenijn

    Melvin Fenijn

    Candidate #7
  • Meike Verwijmeren

    Meike Verwijmeren

    Candidate #8
  • Sumneet Kaur

    Sumneet Kaur

    Candidate #9