Fractie Front 2023

Student Party Front in the University Council

Party Front stands for facilitating the active student in the best possible way. “Because being active is very valuable for our development,” emphasizes Thomas van Neerrijnen (22), number 2 on the electoral list. “Being active is broader than a board year or being a committee member of a student or study association. A side job, exchange, internship, membership in a study and sports association also contribute to students' personal development. Moreover, employers also consider this development important," adds Party leader Sam Slagboom (19).

An optimal study environment for the active student

Party Front is one of two student parties participating in the University Council elections. In this Council, nine students and nine employees contribute ideas to the Executive Board. The Board tests its plans there. Among other things, the student and staff Council members have the right of consent and the right to offer initiatives.

In a decisive manner

Sam studies Organisatie- en Managementwetenschappen. Thomas is a student of International Business Administration. Sam: “I want to develop in other areas besides my studies.” Thomas: “For me, a board year is a great conclusion to this part of my life as a student. I expect to learn a lot.”

They are in the middle of student life. Sam: “As a member of a fraternity of Vidar, I speak to a lot of students and talk to them about what problems they run into. In the University Council, I can give them a voice in a decisive way.” Thomas also has a large network. “In high school I was already participating in debates, so I think Council work will really suit me.”

Successes Front

The active student is most important to Front's vision. The pillars involved are: digitalization, internationalization, and a living campus. Through the University Council, the group can achieve a lot. For example, current Front members in the University Council ensured the return of Tilbury's Campus Café, which is run by volunteers. It is now open every Tuesday.

Front is currently exploring the possibility of opening this café several days.” Sam: “Front has submitted an initiative about expanding the exchange procedure, which includes a motivation letter and CV in the selection process. The Executive Board has responded very positively to this.” Thomas: “You can see from examples like this that we, as a party, actually have influence and can achieve something. So cast your vote.”

Rapid reintroduction of hybrid education

Thomas continues, "The Executive Board has stipulated in its Strategy Towards 2027 that there will be more use of blended learning. After COVID-19, almost everything, such as online lectures, has been abolished, and that is something that active students in particular consider to be very unfortunate.”

Sam: "Front submitted a letter this year regarding the digitalization of education. Front would like to see lectures recorded and made available online two weeks before exams.” The pillar internationalization includes efforts to increase cohesion between Dutch and international students. And gains can also be made in the area of the Living Campus, for example by offering the same facilities as in the library at as many study places as possible.

Participation Association Front

Party Front has a participation association behind it. Thomas: “This includes 2 full-time directors and 5 committees that organize various formal and informal events and activities. For example, symposia, the Etiquette Dinner, and evenings for our own members.”               

Check the list of candidates

Candidates Student Party Front

  • Sam Slagboom

    Sam Slagboom

    Candidate #1
  • Thomas van Neerrijnen

    Thomas van Neerrijnen

    Candidate #2
  • Helene van der Geest

    Helene van der Geest

    Candidate #3
  • Sterre Schipper

    Sterre Schipper

    Candidate #4
  • Renske van Gorp

    Renske van Gorp

    Candidate #5
  • Kha Nhi Szeto

    Kha Nhi Szeto

    Candidate #6
  • Tasso Devetzis

    Tasso Devetzis

    Candidate #7
  •  Maud Storm

    Maud Storm

    Candidate #8
  • Laura Ruitenbeek

    Laura Ruitenbeek

    Candidate #9
  • Noë den Boon

    Noë den Boon

    Candidate #10