Fractie Front doet mee aan de verkiezingen van 2021 bij Tilburg University

Student Party Front in the University Council - 2021 elections

Party Front represents the active student in the University Council. The numbers 1 and 2 on the electoral list, Charlotte Grimberg (21) and Anne van den Boomen (23) explain: "We very much believe that it is good to be active next to your studies. You can do this by joining a sports club, study association or student union, by doing voluntary work or by doing an internship. The university should facilitate this as much as possible."

'Influence at the highest level'

Why is being active so important according to this student group? Psychology student Anne: "Your student time is the period to develop yourself not only academically but also personally, there must be room for that." Public Administration student Charlotte adds, "Being active is a good way to build a network. Both socially and professionally it can bring you a lot."

An internship as minor

The University Council is a consultative body in which nine students and nine employees think along with the Executive Board. The Board brings its plans forward and the student and staff council members have the right of approval and initiative. Party Front is one of the two student parties in the U-council. Charlotte: "We want to advocate for the career minor. We would like to fill in the minor as an internship or with a consultancy assignment at a company. And it would be instructive to be able to take a minor at another faculty. At the beginning of April it was decided during the U-council meeting that a working group would be set up to investigate the possibilities for this. In addition, our current members in the U-council have also taken care of large issues such as the sustainability fund that provides an annual 10 thousand euro subsidy to student, study and sports associations that contribute to a better world." The election program of Party Front rests on three pillars: internationalization, digitalization and the living campus. The new University Council members for Front will work for these interests as well.

Taking responsibility appeals to me

The two party members see the University Council as the ultimate place to be active. Charlotte: "Only there can you represent the interests of all 19 thousand students at Tilburg University. That responsibility really appeals to me." "From the U-council you can really achieve something," Anne explains. "You have influence on the decision-making process at the highest level. I think it's really fun to see what innovative ideas can improve the university."

Front's electoral list

They emphasize that there are nine students on the electoral list. "All are motivated, progressive, qualified people who are able to substantiate and communicate their opinions." They gather input for their positions in a variety of ways. Charlotte: "Participation association (medezeggenschapsvereniging) Front was recently recognized by the university as an association. Its president is now a full-time board member. The party works closely with the participation association of which ninety active students from different programs and nationalities are members."

More workplaces and publicity for activities

Among other things, the new party members will work towards a smooth transition from online to a mixture of physical and online education. Anne: "We will try to maintain the best practices of the current college year." Charlotte: "Many extra-curricular activities are still too unknown, I want to do something about that. I personally volunteer on campus as a mentor to a student refugee. This is very educational, but unknown to most students." Anne: "More workstations are still needed, also for groups. It would be nice if students could also use meeting rooms on campus, I will do my best for that." Charlotte adds in conclusion: "How the university will deal with students and employees who are and are not vaccinated also needs attention in the U-council."

  • Charlotte Grimberg Fractie Front 2021

    Charlotte Grimberg

  • Anne van den Boomen Fractie Front 2021

    Anne van den Boomen

  • Tijs van der Zanden Fractie Front 2021

    Tijs van der Zanden

  • Eveline Vullings Fractie Front 2021

    Eveline Vullings

  • Noa Netten Fractie Front 2021

    Noa Netten

  • Teun Kuijpers Fractie Front 2021

    Teun Kuijpers

  • Nina van der Steen Fractie Front 2021

    Nina van der Steen

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    Julia van den Ende

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    Meike de Nijs