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Lijst TSHD (DCC)

A better representation for international colleagues, more stability and open communication, and a healthy work-life balance. Those are the most important issues that the candidates of employee party Lijst TSHD (DCC) wants to address in the Faculty Council the next two years. Nadine Braun, Frédéric Tomas, and Debby Damen, numbers 1 to 3 on the electoral list, are in different academic positions and want to represent different perspectives. And they need their colleagues to vote for them.

Embracing our diversity

In the Faculty Council, the Management Team presents its plans for teaching and research. Staff and students both have five seats. They can vote on issues, propose changes to plans of the MT, and present their own initiatives. Department DCC has its own list but wants to work closely with the  other departments of TSHD.  

Get everyone involved 

Debby is a postdoctoral researcher from The Netherlands. She did her research master and PhD at TSHD. Nadine is German but did her PhD at TSHD and is now an assistant professor. Frédéric is from Brussels and only recently joined DCC as a lecturer. Nadine: “We hope to get at least two seats, but our other members will act as sparring partners.”

Frédéric was on the Faculty Council as a student representative in Brussels: “I enjoyed working with teachers and the Faculty management team, trying to make the university better for everyone.”

Debby is on the list since 2016: “I was on the Faculty Council when I was a PhD student. It’s a great experience to learn about the point of view of the student party and the management. Our contribution is very valuable.”

Nadine is happy she can finally join: “Last time, I was told that the meetings and documents were in Dutch, so I decided not to put my name on the list. Although everything is in English now, I still feel like the representation of internationals is lacking, of both employees and students. I will do my best to get everyone involved because we should embrace the diversity in our Faculty.”  

Passionate and open-minded 

They all bring useful skills to the table. Nadine calls herself passionate and enthusiastic. “I think I am quite impartial. I still feel close to students and love to help new employees.” Frédéric joined Tilburg University a few months ago. “I have no preconceived ideas, and want to listen to all members' viewpoints. I want to see what is happening and contribute.” Debby explains she is open-minded, a skilled communicator and listener.  

Goodness to find on campus 

Stability through permanent contracts is another topic important to this employee party. Nadine: “We are looking for a mix of stability and clarity. For example, not being from here, I initially did not know what the CAO was or that it changes annually.”

The global aims are open communication about what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ and a healthy workload for everyone: teachers, researchers, (PhD) students, and supporting staff. “Only working from home is not great”, Nadine explains. “We agree with students that hybrid education can be a good format.” But being on campus is good for everyone. Frédéric: “You can’t have a healthy student life if you are always at home. There is goodness to find on campus, you meet up with friends, see colleagues in real life. We as teachers can also see which students are struggling and help them.”   

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  • Nadine Braun

    Nadine Braun

    Candidate #1
  • Frederic Tomas

    Frédéric Tomas

    Candidate #2
  • Debby Damen

    Debby Damen

    Candidate #3