Fractie SAM 2022

Student Party SAM in the University Council

With four pillars (quality of education, orientation towards the labor market, personal development, and facilities) Party SAM aims to represent all students at Tilburg University in the University Council. The party believes it is important that the opinion of students is heard in the development of blended learning and in other educational issues, and that students are aware of the possibilities to develop themselves beyond their studies.

What do you need to be able to study?

Party SAM is one of the two student parties participating in the University Council elections. This council is a participation body in which nine students and nine staff members think along with the Executive Board. The Executive Board tests its plans there. The student- and staff council members have the right of consent and initiative. Party SAM hopes that students will vote en masse. Marlijn: 'Look at which individual best represents your interests. You can find a lot of information about all the parties online.’ 

Quality of Education 

The pillar of 'quality of education' has been the most important for the party over the past years. Joost Lamers (21-year-old and fourth year bachelor student Business Economics) is number two on the electoral list. He explains: 'We want to investigate where the students' needs lie in blended learning. Lectures are now given both online and in person. That's useful if you want to watch a lecture again or if you can't be there, but we also think it's important that students come back to campus to meet each other. Digital education could start to play a more complementary role, for example in the form of knowledge clips.' 

Lower motivation because of the pandemic 

List leader Marlijn Weren (20) is a third-year bachelor's student in Psychology. 'I especially want to get involved in student well-being. The corona pandemic and the long periods of online studying have a negative effect on the motivation of many students. Some find it difficult to resume attending lectures on campus. I also think social safety is an important topic. With all these issues it is necessary to listen to students, to ask: what do you need to be able to study?’ Joost adds: 'There are student psychologists, for example, but many students do not know that this service exists on campus or find the threshold too high. It would be nice if we could make that step smaller and to increase the visibility of this possibility.' 

For all students and opinions 

Joost is a member of student association Olof and joined SAM to broaden his horizons. 'SAM represents all students and opinions. I want to do something with these different opinions in the University Council.' Marlijn is a member of student association Plato. 'I want to mean something for the university and develop myself further through council work.' SAM gathers the opinions of students through the constituency of the party members who study at different faculties, who also come together through the think tank that meets regularly. The pillar of personal development includes the development of soft skills. Marlijn: 'Such as learning how to apply for a job and the communication around sports-, student- and study associations. Not all students are aware of what they can do in addition to their studies.’ In terms of the labor market, the connection between study and work could be better. Some students have trouble finding an internship. SAM wants to do something about this via the University Council. The new fraction will also concern itself with the Strategic Plan of the university from 2023-2027. The current party members have approved of the direction of this plan, but the concrete details will largely follow in the new academic year.  

Candidates Student Party SAM

  • Marlijn Weren

    Marlijn Weren

  • Joost Lamers

    Joost Lamers

  • Mechteld Castel

    Mechteld Castel

  • Meike  Hendriks

    Meike Hendriks

  • Michelle Saris

    Michelle Saris

  • Celeste  Franssen

    Celeste Franssen

  • Nikki Curvers

    Nikki Curvers

  • Oscar van  Raak

    Oscar van Raak

  • Juliette Burmanje

    Juliette Burmanje