De campusgemeenschap van Tilburg University is volop in beweging

Student Party SAM in the University Council

More flexible studying, credits for internships, and more support groups for students. This is what Amber van Dun (21) and Max Beijer (23) want to do on behalf of Party SAM in the Tilburg University council. Better information for international students and better facilities are also high on their list of priorities.

For more flexible studying and more student support groups

Party SAM is one of two student parties participating in the University Council elections. In this Council, nine students and nine employees contribute ideas to the Executive Board. The Board tests its plans there. The student and staff Council members have the right of consent and the right to offer initiatives.

The place to do something for students

Amber is a party leader and studies Economics and Business Economics: “For me, the University Council is the place where I can do something for students. I think it's important that the university is a nice place for every student.” Amber is already active at SAM, as a member of the well-being committee.

Number 2 on the list is law student Max. He is a board member of the local chapter of a political party. “I now want to put that political experience to use in the place where I study. I see it as an honor to contribute to concrete improvements for all students at Tilburg University.” In particular, he wants to work for educational quality. “I advocate more flexibility. This can be achieved, for example, with digitalization and blended learning, such as the use of knowledge clips.”

More support groups

Amber continued, "I want to make it easier for students to talk about issues that are troubling them. Last year's party set up peer-to-peer groups for students with ADHD and around the topic of grief. I want to expand the number of groups because many students prefer to talk to fellow students. The step to a student psychologist feels too big for many.” Personal development, if elected, will also receive her specific attention. “Every student should have the opportunity to go on an internship and get credit for it. That practical experience gives you a better connection to the job market. Max responds, "No student should have to cram an internship into a vacation.”

Input international students

There are other areas in which student Council members can make improvements. Max: “Such as electrical outlets; they don't function in every study area, and of course they should.” Amber: “SAM submitted an initiative for the introduction of a digital student pass a few years ago. We will continue to advocate for its introduction.”

So will extending the pilot with free menstrual products that is running in Cube. Max: “And I think the couch surfing project is a great example. The party linked Tilburg citizens who want to provide temporary accommodation to international students without a room.” “By means of an international committee, we also want to better map out what is going on with international students. Their input is needed, for example, in the prevention of loneliness,” Amber states.

SAM exists for all students

Finally, Max emphasizes again, "SAM is committed to all students, including those who live at home and have to travel an hour before they get to campus. Every student has a right to a good quality education. His party keeps in touch with its grassroot support in different ways. Amber: “For example, with committees in which every student is welcome.” Max: “Also, you can always talk to us personally if you're worried about something or have an idea.”

Check the list of candidates

Candidates Student Party SAM

  • SAM - Amber van Dun

    Amber van Dun

    Candidate #1
  • SAM - Max Beijer

    Max Beijer

    Candidate #2
  • SAM - Roel van Hoof

    Roel van Hoof

    Candidate 3
  • SAM - Riley Roodenburg

    Riley Roodenburg

    Candidate #4
  • SAM - Sanne Smits

    Sanne Smits

    Candidate #5
  • SAM - Stijn Smits

    Stijn Smits

    Candidate #6
  • SAM - Isabel Claeijs

    Juliette Burmanje

    Candidate #7
  • SAM - Linde Adelerhof

    Linde Adelerhof

    Candidate #8
  • SAM - Dagmar Oeijen

    Dagmar Oeijen

    Candidate #9
  • SAM - Hidde Dreverman

    Hidde Dreverman

    Candidate #10