Student Party Stimulus 2022

Student party Stimulus in the Faculty council TSB

Internationalisation and mental wellbeing are two of the main topics on which the new members of student party Stimulus want to focus in the Faculty council. Naomi de Leng (21) and Maxine Große (19) are ready to represent all TSB students. Naomi holds the first place on the electoral list. “I am very motivated to get into a position in which I can implement formal changes where students of our faculty think it is important.” Maxine holds the fifth place on the list: “ I look forward to enhancing student life for students.”

We want to change what is important to the majority of students

In the Faculty council the Management Team presents its plans for teaching and research. Staff and students both have seven seats. They have the right to vote on issues, propose changes to plans of the MT and to present their own initiatives. Student party Stimulus is one of two parties that runs for seats. 

Make impact for international and Dutch students

Maxine (German, majoring in Clinical Psychology) feels for international students. “I have lived in several countries before in which I experienced a better international student life than I do in Tilburg. To improve that I am currently the International Advisory Group (IAG) coordinator in Stimulus.” This year Maxine wants to join the Faculty council to make an impact for both Dutch and international students. In her role as the IAG coordinator she attended national meetings about the code of conduct and helped evaluate it. A topic she also addresses is more transparency in housing “Most international students do not know how hard it is to get a room in Tilburg.” 

Continue hybrid studying

Naomi (Dutch, majoring in Developmental Psychology) adds that she wants to get as much input from other students as possible. “We do not want to try to change what is important to us, but what is important to the majority of students.” A good example is the student motion, that Stimulus supported, in which 800 students stated that they want to continue hybrid studying and online exams. Naomi: “It is important for students to be able to choose whether they want to watch a lecture online or attend it on campus. This gives students more room to develop other skills besides only committing to their studies.” She is currently the secretary and vice-president of study association SPS-NIP Regional Board Tilburg. Both her and Maxine are active in their own year groups, often helping other students. Maxine: “During my past school life I was active in making sure students' voices were heard.'' Stimulus also focuses on the quality of education. Naomi: “The evaluation of professors, such as their English proficiency, as well as the course programs, will be addressed more in the council by us.”

We hope all students will vote

At the moment student party Stimulus has four seats in the council. Maxine: “We have a list with 27 students. After the elections we will stay in touch with them all.” They also plan to keep in touch with their constituency through social media, WhatsApp and in person on campus. Maxine: “We especially want to reach out to first year students to explain to them what the elections mean and what the council does. We hope all students will vote. If you do not vote you choose not to have a voice.” 

Candidates Student party Stimulus

  • Naomi de Leng

    Naomi de Leng

    Kandidaat #1
  • Aysun Hasan

    Aysun Hasan

    Kandidaat #2
  • Henryetta Paleit

    Henryetta Paleit

    Kandidaat #3
  • Joep Tielemans

    Joep Tielemans

    Kandidaat #4
  • Maxine Große

    Maxine Große

    Kandidaat #5
  • Ilayda Siner

    Ilayda Siner

    Kandidaat #6
  • Berkay Caglayan

    Berkay Caglayan

    Kandidaat #7