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Student party Stimulus in the Faculty council TSB

Closing the gap between Dutch and international students and continuing the @ease project for student wellbeing. Those are a few of the topics Luca Schnitzeler (20) and Joshua van Bokhoven (23) from student party Stimulus want to address in the Faculty council of TSB. Luca: ‘Moving late lectures online will benefit all students; the ones that have to commute to university by public transport and students that live nearby. It will help both groups with a better work-study-life balance.’

The chance to do more for my fellow students

In the Faculty council, the Management Team presents its plans for teaching and research. Students and staff both have seven seats. They have the right to vote on issues, propose changes to plans of the MT and to present their own initiatives. Stimulus is one of two student parties that runs for seats.

Make a change for fellow students

Luca is an international student, he studies Psychology. 'I believe that all students should experience education not as academics, but as something that can fulfil you as a person and bring you forward in life. I believe that every student is different and that the faculty must accommodate these differences for equal educational opportunities.'

Joshua is a local student and follows the English Psychology bachelor. ‘I am a student member of the educational committee of Psychology, so I am already representing my fellow students. For many students with complaints and comments on courses, I am the one to go to. But I cannot address every complaint within the educational committee. With student party Stimulus, I have the chance to do more for my fellow students, to really make a change.’ Joshua is second on Stimulus’ list, Luca is the party leader.

This will reduce the pressure

One of Luca’s goals is that the end grades for courses are determined by more tests or assignments, not just by one single end test. ‘This will reduce the pressure to perform and ensures that your entire grade is influenced less by unpredictable circumstances, such as being late to an exam due to public transport strikes.'

One of the successes of the current Stimulus board are fewer tests and exams on December 23rd and 24th for international students. ‘They reduced it from 7 to 1 test. This allows many more international students to get home in time for Christmas.’ 

Mental health project

Joshua is delighted with the @ease project, which the current Stimulus board, together with several other student parties, started this year. ‘My focus point in the Faculty Council will be mental health. Mental health support in the Netherlands has a long waiting list. Stimulus and organizations, such as the Municipality of Tilburg and the GGD, started to roll out @ease in Tilburg.

This is already a success in other Dutch university cities. It is especially great for international students, because they do not have to navigate the Dutch (mental) health care system first. At an @ease location, trained volunteers (which can be psychology students for example) and a licensed professional work on site. Every student can walk in and clear his or her mind through getting peer-to-peer support. The professionals give crisis help when needed.’    

A general point of Stimulus is closing the gap between Dutch and international students. Joshua: ‘A lot of international students complain about being excluded from social life. We want to do something about that.’ Luca: 'When different cultures come together, we see different views on matters. That is getting more and more relevant in today’s global society.'

Check the candidates' list

Candidates Student party Stimulus

  • Luca Schnitzeler

    Luca Schnitzeler

    Candidate #1
  • Joshua van Bokhoven

    Joshua van Bokhoven

    Candidate #2
  • Gabriela Mazur

    Gabriela Mazur

    Candidate #3
  • Ianis-Daniel Peptine

    Ianis-Daniel Peptine

    Candidate #4
  • Arezoo Rezapour

    Arezoo Rezapour

    Candidate #5
  • Maxine Große

    Maxine Große

    Candidate #6
  • Joep Tielemans

    Joep Tielemans

    Candidate #7