Fractie Stimulus 2021

Student Party Stimulus in the Faculty Council TSB - 2021 elections

Merel van Olphen (19) and Taylan Mete (24) are ready to represent the students of the faculty TSB in the Faculty Council. Merel: "I want to represent students in a formal way and think along with the Board." Taylan knows that students have many good ideas and wants to put them at work. "Students' lives are turned upside down, education has completely changed. Not enough is done with the feedback of many students now, I want to change that."

"Hard on the content, soft on the person"

The Faculty Council is a participation body. The Faculty Board presents its plans for education and research to the Council. Students and employees each have seven seats. They have the right to vote, to make adjustment to the Board’s plans, and to hand in their own proposals. Party Stimulus is one of the two student parties participating in the elections. Clinical Psychology student Taylan leads on the election list. Merel studies Medical Psychology and is number 2 on the electoral list. She says: "I have experience of being a member of informal boards, I will definitely benefit from that in the Faculty Council. I make contact easily, take opinions of others seriously and really want to do something with the input I get." Taylan also possesses the abilities to represent students. "I quickly build trust, I am open to the opinions of others and I am good at finding common ground. My motto is: hard on the content, soft on the person."

More interaction and attention to mental health

If elected, one of their goals is to work to improve the mental health of students within their faculty. "Since the pandemic, many students feel lonely and have depressive symptoms," Merel explains. "I want to find out what students expect from faculty and do something about it." "I like that point," her party colleague responds. "I want to push for more engagement in online education. Many lectures are one-way. We watch a video lecture or online lecture, but there is little interaction. We are missing the working groups. I am convinced that being able to attend physical work groups is going to help students mentally." They expect that online education will become a structural part of education. "We welcome that, provided there is a good balance between online and physical education."

Nice to be heard

Other points of interest of Taylan, Merel and their party members include: more internship opportunities for international students, the development of hybrid education and clearer communication from the faculty about the choice of minors and majors, exchange, special situations at exams and so on. Merel: "Many students do not know where they can find information about minors and who they can turn to with questions. And hybrid education can help students who cannot attend all lectures due to work or other activities. It gives them more choices." Taylan wants to build out Stimulus' International Advisory Board. "I notice that not all international students can find their way around. They feel like they are being ignored. A lot of good ideas come in to the IAB, I want to do more with that." Stimulus also maintains contact with the students through the program committees and the Faculty Forum. "During the election campaign, we contact as many students as possible to get input. We notice that students like to be heard."

Candidates Party Stimulus

  • Taylan Mete

    Taylan Mete

  • Merel van Olphen

    Merel van Olphen

  • Fleur Koops

    Fleur Koops

  • Henryetta Paleit

    Henryetta Paleit

  • Stimulus 2021- Parsa Yousefi

    Parsa Yousefi

  • Ilayda SIner

    Ilayda Siner