De campusgemeenschap van Tilburg University is volop in beweging

TSB Staff in the Faculty Council

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As TSB staff, we would like to focus on the following themes during our mandate in the School Council: 

  • Staff and student well-being 
  • Quality of research 
  • Quality of education 
  • Positive Culture 
  • Clear communication 

Together with the student fractions, we will work towards improving these focus areas at TSB. 

Candidates TSB Staff

  • Petra Habets

    Petra Habets

    Candidate #1
  • Quita Muis

    Quita Muis

    Candidate #2
  • Gaëtan Mertens

    Gaëtan Mertens

    Candidate #3
  • Marinus Verhagen

    Marinus Verhagen

    Candidate #4
  • Renata Kenda

    Renata Kenda

    Candidate #5
  • Leonie Vogelsmeier

    Leonie Vogelsmeier

    Candidate #6
  • Ivana Vranjes

    Ivana Vranjes

    Candidate #7
  • Frederike Scholz

    Frederike Scholz

    Candidate #8
  • Kim Janssens

    Kim Janssens

    Candidate #9
  • Sanne Nijs

    Sanne Nijs

    Candidate #10
  • Wouter De Baene

    Wouter De Baene

    Candidate #11